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How To Navigate DGN’s New Subscription Plans

By Michelle Springett

Everything you need to know about choosing your plan, managing your billing, and more! 

The Disc Golf Network has recently released three new subscription plans for the 2024 season: DGN Basic, DGN Standard, and DGN Pro.

With a new array of subscription options, DGN now has options so that every disc golfer can tailor their viewing experience to their preferences. This article focuses on how to navigate choosing your tier and navigating the newly updated platform. Check out this explainer article or read the official press release to learn more about what’s included in each tier. 

You can enjoy exclusive coverage of your favorite disc golf tournaments by subscribing to the network. Take advantage of all the action and excitement! Subscribe to Disc Golf Network today

You Can Now Choose Between Three DGN Plans: Basic, Standard, and Pro

DGN users can choose between three tiers: DGN Basic, DGN Standard, and DGN Pro. Each subscription package offers different content offerings, features, and additional benefits for those who opt for the yearly payment option. Full details of what is included in each subscription package can be found here

Upgrading and Downgrading your Subscription

One of the standout features of DGN’s new subscription plan offerings is the ability for users to change their subscription at any time. It’s important to note that while you can log in and view content on whatever supported devices you like, you can only modify your subscription type (upgrade or downgrade) on the device you purchased your subscription. For example: 

  • If you purchased your subscription via, you must log in to a browser and make any changes to your account that way. You won’t be able to change your subscription type on your phone, tablet, or smart TV.
  • The same goes for all DGN subscription purchases made via an app store (like the IOS app store or Google Play). If you’re paying for DGN through one of the app stores, you can only manage your subscription via the associated app.
  • If you currently pay for DGN via your Roku account, you must go to your Roku app settings to make changes. 

No matter what method you use to pay for DGN, upgrading or downgrading your account is straightforward. Check out these DGN knowledgebase articles for complete instructions by platform. 

You can still log in and watch on other devices (such as Apple TV, FireTV, Samsung TV, etc), but DGN only accepts payment via the above methods. 

How does billing work when I upgrade or downgrade my DGN subscription?

When you upgrade your account:

  • You’ll get an email notification confirming the upgrade.
  • If you decide to upgrade your subscription plan in the middle of a billing cycle, you will only be charged the difference in cost between your old and new plan. This charge will be prorated based on the time left in your current billing cycle. Then, you will see a full charge for your new subscription plan on your next billing date. 
  • The update will happen instantly after you pay, and you’ll unlock any content you didn’t have in your previous plan. 
  • You can upgrade as many times as you like within one billing cycle.

When you downgrade your account:
In general…

  • Remember that only one downgrade is allowed per billing cycle. You can downgrade from Pro to Standard, Pro to Basic, or Standard to Basic, but you can’t downgrade twice in one billing cycle. 
  • You’ll get an email notification confirming the downgrade.

If you’re downgrading but keeping your billing cycle the same (no change in frequency)…

  • You won’t see an immediate change in your access to content if you downgrade in the middle of a billing cycle. You’ll be able to keep access to your previous subscription plan and all of the associated content until your next billing period starts. Once your next billing date comes around, you’ll see your account change take place. You will not be refunded for any remaining time in your current billing period.

If you’re downgrading but changing your billing cycle (changing billing frequency)…

  • If you downgrade your yearly subscription plan and switch from yearly to monthly billing at the same time, DGN will use the money you’ve already paid for your yearly subscription to offset the upcoming monthly charges. You won’t be refunded for your yearly subscription (all sales are final), but you won’t be billed for your new monthly subscription until you’ve surpassed the total value of your initial yearly subscription payment. 
  • In these scenarios, the change to your account is immediate, and you will lose access to any content not included in your new subscription plan.

Unlocking PDGA Membership Benefits on the Disc Golf Network 

(FREE DGN Basic Account + DEEP Discounts on Standard and Pro)

PDGA Member Free Content:

  • PDGA members enjoy free access to select DGN content throughout the season as part of their benefit package. 
  • For 2024, DGN is making it easier than ever for PDGA members to access their free content by allowing all members to snag a DGN Basic subscription free of charge. All free PDGA member content will be available in this subscription plan. 
  • If you’re not a current DGN subscriber and you want to gain access to this free PDGA member content, follow these instructions
  • If you’re a PDGA member and already paying for DGN Standard or DGN Pro, you’ll also automatically get access to the PDGA free content as a part of your subscription – you won’t need to switch to DGN Basic to watch. 

DEEP Discounts on Standard and Pro:

As a PDGA member, you can claim huge discounts on both the DGN Standard and DGN Pro options. Accessing these exclusive discounts is a breeze! Simply pair your DGN and PDGA accounts to enjoy cost savings. 

NOTE: All PDGA members who wish to access their discount must be set up to pay for their subscription directly through Discounts cannot be applied if you pay through an app store or Roku. Read more here. 

Here’s a look at the discounts you can take advantage of as a current PDGA member! 

DGN Basic DGN Standard DGN Pro
Monthly $5.99 $12.99 $19.99
→ Monthly with PDGA Discount FREE $5.99 $12.99 
Yearly $59.99 $129.99 $239.99
→ Yearly with PDGA Discount FREE  $69.99  $139.99 

Managing Payments on Disc Golf Network: A Comprehensive Guide

How do I manage my credit cards?

Managing your credit cards on the Disc Golf Network (DGN) is straightforward, ensuring a hassle-free experience for subscribers. By logging in to, you can navigate to Settings, access the Active Plans & Payments section, and click the “Manage payment methods” button. This section directs you to a new screen where you can review, add, and remove payment methods. While adding new cards, verification by the issuing bank is essential, and unverified cards will not be used.

Read more here

NOTE: If you’re paying for DGN via an in-app purchase (on an IOS or Android device or on Roku TV), you can’t manage your payment method outside the associated app store. Any updates or changes to your payment method should be done through the respective app store where you made the initial in-app purchase. 

Do I have to enter my card information even if I am not going to be charged for a free subscription?

Entering card information is not mandatory in two specific scenarios:

    • PDGA members that are seeking free access to DGN Basic by linking their active PDGA membership to account creation.
    • PDGA members paying for DGN Basic or DGN Pro and downgrading to a free DGN Basic account. In this case, card information can be removed if desired, although it is recommended to keep it attached to the account for future upgrades.

Read more here.

The Disc Golf Network is dedicated to providing a personalized experience beyond the course and extends to its subscription plans. With easy-to-use options and a user-friendly interface, disc golf enthusiasts can enhance their viewing experience effortlessly. 

Unlock the full potential of your disc golf experience by seamlessly incorporating your PDGA membership discounts on the Disc Golf Network. You can enjoy exclusive content and elevate your game by selecting your duration and tier. Experience the best in disc golf entertainment on the Disc Golf Network and elevate your game and DGN experience!

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