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Idlewild Open Presented by Innova Round 2 Recap: This is not 2017

Jones and Pierce both hold onto and increase their leads after round 1. Idlewild doesn’t tend to allow big scores though, so both fields are still tight in the top flights. Tomorrow’s final round is predicted to be some top level disc golf with a chance of storms.
I could spend a bunch of time telling you every little detail about who played hot and why but instead I’m gonna take you a quick multi-media crash course on today’s events. Let’s get started with Kevin Jones taking down the elusive birdie on hole 13, 1 of only 6 in the tournament all of which landed in round 2.

Hole 13: @kevin_jones116 lands the wild two.

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I played a round today and made a couple jumpers, but none of them were worth as much money as Kevin’s are right now. Jones started yesterday’s round with a ton of potential, sitting at 7 down before the rain delay. When he picked up play today not much seemed to change as he finished round 1 in first and grew his lead to 4 during round 2. Though his day was not without a stumble or two. Joining Kevin on the lead card tomorrow will be Zach Melton (-12) and James Conrad and Michael Johansen (tied at -10). Before we move on, I should probably apologize to Kevin for posting it but it’s just too good not to share. Check out how hungry Kevin is for the birdie on hole 3. This guy wants to win!
On the FPO side Paige Pierce managed to finish the round without sinking up to her knee in mud but she wasn’t able to get her total score under par, totaling the weekend at 5 over so far. Despite her over par score right now, Paige has been capitalizing on everyone else’s play in the field, but less so of her number one challenger right now, Sarah Hokom. Hokom has struggled with the back nine both rounds, creating much of the small, 2 throw deficit she will now face in the final round. Let’s take a quick look at Paige’s stats for the weekend:
Ranking first in four categories isn’t half bad, especially when you finish top three in the other four. Although the tough lanes of Idlewild has Pierce underperforming on her drive compared to her season, she is putting better this weekend than she usually does on the Pro Tour. Hokom (-7) is truly Pierce’s only competition tomorrow as Holly Finley, in third place, is currently 15 throws off the leader at 20 over par. Rounding out the FPO lead card tomorrow will be Paige Bjerkaas (-23).

Don’t miss our coverage tomorrow as we will be right back on schedule for FPO coverage at 2 PM EST and MPO coverage starting just after 3 PM EST. Both divisions should provide peak competition you do not want to miss.