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Introducing the DGPT Virtual Putting Invitational

By Jeff Spring

This May, there will be a new way to watch your favorite touring pros compete! The Virtual Putting Invitational will feature 32 men and 32 women competing in a Match Play putting competition. 


The Round of 32 will be aired Thursday, May 14 – Sunday, May 17

The Sweet 16 will air on Thursday, May 21 & Friday, May 22

The Elite 8 will be aired Saturday, May 23

The Final 4 and Championship matches will be aired on Sunday, May 24.

Matches will be streamed in one block, including live commentary in between matches featuring interviews with pros who have competed in the event. Currently, the round of 32 and the Sweet 16 are slated to premiere on the DGPT’s YouTube Channel with the second weekend shifting to the Disc Golf Network ( for the Elite 8, Final 4, and the Championship match.

While the matches will be aired each day in the afternoons and evenings, the final details of the media schedule will be released next week.

Once the brackets are set, fans will be able to view and fill out their own brackets! Fans will have the opportunity to enter a free Bracket Challenge with a chance to win prizes. Seeds will be established after the field is set based on a combination of 2019 and 2020 UDisc putting stats.


For players, registration opens today, April 30 at 7:00 PM eastern. As an invitational event, the DGPT has set up three tiers of registration, primarily based on DGPT Standings from 2019 & 2020.


The DGPT is pleased to provide an opportunity for responsible competition.  In order to create a desirable viewing experience for the fans, the DGPT has limited the field size to 32 competitors in both MPO and FPO.”While we wish we had the bandwidth to handle a bigger field, we hope that the event will be compelling for folks to watch at home.” says Tour Director Jeff Spring. “We’re excited to try something new, and we’re hopeful that it will work well.

“We’ve watched other sports leagues try virtual events and I think we’ve learned some good lessons. We wanted to be intentional about creating something entertaining and well-produced, even considering the limitations we’re facing with everything being remote,” says Mahmoud Bahrani, Media Manager of the DGPT. 

Competitors will be vying for cash, as the DGPT is adding $5,000 to the purse and paying out any competitor that reaches the Sweet 16. The DGPT is also planning on using the event as a way to raise money for charities supporting the COVID-19 pandemic recovery effort. Details on fundraising efforts will be released next week.

SPONSORSHIP: Several businesses are jumping in to sponsor the event, and the DGPT is accepting sponsorship inquiries through May 10, 2020. With a current lack of competitive events, the advertising opportunities will go quickly. Email for sponsorship information.


Here’s an overview of the format:

  • Competitors will attempt 5 putts at 6 distance stations with points assigned for each distance:
    • 25 feet = 1 points
    • 30 feet = 1 points
    • 35 feet = 2 points
    • 40 feet = 2 points
    • 45 feet = 3 points
    • 50 feet = 3 points
  • Competitors may only use 5 putters. They must retrieve their putters after each distance station.
  • Competitors will compete in 3 rounds with a time limit on each set of 5 putts.
    • Round 1: Highest Seed Pick who goes first.
      • Putt from the 25 & 30-foot distance stations
      • Time Limit: 30 seconds per set of 5. No time limit for putter retrieval. The timer starts when the first putter leaves the competitors’ hands.
    • Round 2: Alternate who putts first
      • Putt from the 35 & 40-foot distance stations
      • Time Limit: 40 seconds per set of 5. No time limit for putter retrieval.
    • Round 3: Alternate again
      • Putt from the 45 & 50-foot distance stations
      • Time Limit: 50 seconds per set of 5. No time limit for putter retrieval.
  • Highest total wins, winner advances to the next round.
  • Tie-breaker: Sudden Death Putt-off from 45 ft, high seed picks order of putting first, then alternate.

The putting tournament is a welcome return to competition, even in an abbreviated format. The DGPT is looking forward to hosting this event, and we hope you’ll enjoy a return to competition between the best disc golfers in the world.