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Jonesboro is Ready for the Pro Tour


Photography by Kayla Macomber for Jonesboro Occasions
For the last six months, Brad Pietz has been working a multi-pronged strategy that is within a week of paying dividends. The course, the team, the media and the city are
experiencing the culmination of a three year push to bring big time disc golf to Arkansas.
For Brad, the first and perhaps unwitting step, was to work in sports and marketing since getting his Masters in Sports Administration in 1996. For the past 20 years, he has developed the perfect skill set to execute premier sporting events. From the detailed minutiae to long term marketing efforts, his experiences at work have prepared him for this. The second step has been to cultivate relationships in the region.
For the past ten years, Brad Pietz has worked in the sports department and the management of the arena for Arkansas State University . During that time, he has worked closely with the city of Jonesboro, local businesses, and has impacted most of the people in the region.
Why does any of this matter? Brad has successfully parlayed his skills and his relationships into partnerships with Spartan Mowers , R&R Farm Equipment , and the city of Jonesboro. Additionally, the local media is playing thousands of ads, writing articles , doing interviews with pros and having Brad on local TV about the upcoming event. Regional companies and the local media have literally bought in to what Brad and his team are building.
Next time, we will talk about the course and the team that Brad has assembled to execute this event. I’ll close with an image from the daunting hole 18, which just had a new Prodiscus teepad installed. Get ready to watch some amazing disc golf. The city of Jonesboro will be watching with you.