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Jonesboro Open 2018 Event Preview: Will Persistent Pierce and Runaway Ricky Repeat?

After a few weeks off the Pro Tour is back! This week we are headed to the Disc Side of Heaven in Arkansas for the Jonesboro Open presented by Prodiscus. Last year was the
inaugural year for this tournament and we loved it so much we’re headed back for more. Disc Side of Heaven is one of the very longest courses our favorite pros will be playing this year. Totalling over 9000 feet in length, the average length of a hole here is 520 feet. There are nine par 3’s, eight par 4’s and one par 5 to make a total par of 64.
For most players, plenty of these holes are cannot be birdied, but for the best in the game the hot round of the week in MPO was a smoking hot 10 down 51, thrown by Ricky Wysocki on day one and Simon Lizotte on day two. On the FPO side, the hot round was four under at 60, thrown by Paige Pierce on day one and Jennifer Allen on day two. It is clear, on a course like this, long power plays well.
Lizotte may have tied Wysocki for the hot round at Jonesboro last year but he was not able
to tie Ricky for the week. Heading into round four it was looking like Ricky had his grasp on a
runaway victory – at 35 down, he was nine throws ahead of Lizotte and John E McCray who
were tied for second at 25 under. If you haven’t watched that final nine go check it out now,
you will see what happens or check back here tomorrow for our MPO preview. Here’s a spoiler for ya, Lizotte reduced that nine-throw lead to just two by the end.
On the FPO side, the story is one with which we are now familiar. In 2017, Paige Pierce and Sarah Hokom battled it out for the lead finishing only throws apart, the win unsurprisingly going to Paige. What is so interesting about this battle on this course is how both players approach the game differently. Sarah Hokom is the undisputed best forehand player in her division but at the top level, a backhand dominant player like Pierce is going to out drive any forehand dominant player. It would have been a safe prediction to call Pierce on this lengthy course but Hokom fought hard last year to refute that prediction. Check back in two days for our FPO preview to find out just what happened and read our predictions for this year.
Well, that wraps up our event preview for the Jonesboro Open Presented by Prodiscus, the third stop of the 2018 DGPT. As always we will be providing live coverage starting Friday, April 6th at 4 PM EST. This will be a three-round tournament and our coverage will continue every day at 4 PM EST. And of course, do not forget to check here first for the top news on the Disc Golf Pro Tour. Until then, get out there and rattle some chains!