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Jonesboro Open Event Preview Q&A

How old is the event?
​2019 will be the 3rd Year.

Did you imagine the event being one of the premier events in the world?
Honestly, yes. The Course was designed for this very purpose. I wanted to have one of the longest most challenging permanent disc golf courses in the world to attract the best to Jonesboro to play it.

What makes your event unique (course, atmosphere, side-events)?
The course is set on approximately 50 acres of rolling hills and one-hundred year old oak trees. The only thing on those 50 acres is a disc golf course. I believe the players enjoy the opportunity to play a course that is meant just for them.

Are there any new extras (off-site or on-site events) or changes to the event for 2019?
Nothing set in stone yet, still working on something that I hope happens in 2019.

Are there any changes to the MPO course?
Yes, we are going to slightly adjust hole #4 and hole #7. We continue to lose trees on #4 so we are going to have to get creative to make it more challenging. We have plans to move the tee box back on #7 to make it play even more uphill and longer.

Are there any changes to the FPO course?
No, nothing major, other than hole #4 notes from above. We are also considering moving #9 from a Par 5 back to a Par 4 like it was in the inaugural year.

Has being a Disc Golf Pro Tour event helped you grow?
Yes, absolutely.

What is your favorite funny or entertaining story from running this event?
Easy, SNOW ROUND. The FPO second round of the 2018 Jonesboro Open was played during a snowstorm, in Arkansas, in April! Very unusual and talked about across the country/world!

Are there any particular shots/scores you remember from past events?
2019 first rounds by Garrett Gurthie and Paige Pierce. The shot that I can still see in my head is Jennifer Allen’s very first shot in 2018, the very first competitive throw in the Jonesboro Open.

How great is your staff? and Why?
Staff is tremendous. Countless hours of work and preparation to get ready each year.