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Jonesboro Open: Fantasy Wrap-up

It was an eventful weekend at the Jonesboro Open presented by Prodiscus. We saw Ricky Wysocki return to the top of the podium and Paige Pierce continue her dominance. That
being said, it’s time to look at our fantasy winners both in our Patreon league and in the free league.
Patreon League

  1. Ryan Pilcher & Z-Train made the exact same picks to finish tied for first on the weekend. They both chose Kevin Jones, Garrett Gurthie, Chris Dickerson, & Eagle McMahon on the MPO side and Paige Pierce & Jennifer Allen on the FPO side to score 1164 each on the weekend. Ryan will be receiving a DGA Mach Shift
  2. Z-Train chose to take the second place prize (Thanks Zac!) so he will be going home with a bag
  3. Steve Racan finished in third for the Patreon league by choosing Paul McBeth, Eagle McMahon, Kevin Jones, & Garrett Gurthie on the MPO side. Then for his FPO picks he chose Paige Pierce & Madison Walker to score 1160 points on the weekend and will take home a free pair of KEEN shoes.
  4. Andrew Gillespie chose the Mc’s (Paul McBeth and Eagle McMahon) along with James Conrad and Garrett Gurthie for his MPO options. Then in FPO he chose Paige Pierce & Rebecca Cox which resulted in 1104 points which means he will be taking home a Grip-C bag.
  5. Nathan Ernsting was one of two people to finish in the top fantasy performers across DGPT leagues to not choose Double G for the weekend. He instead chose Paul McBeth, Drew Gibson, James Conrad, and Will Schusterick for his MPO picks. He then chose Paige Pierce & Madison Walker for his FPO picks which collectively resorted in a 1080 points finish. He will be taking home a 2016 set of bobble heads.

DGPT League

  1. Clinton Rihn chose Ricky Wysocki, Eagle McMahon, Garrett Gurthie, & Kevin Jones for his MPO picks. On the FPO side he chose Paige Pierce & Madison Walker. Clinton finished with a 1264 landing him an Upper Park Drawstring bag.
  2. Michael Swebs went with Eagle McMahon, James Conrad, Chris Dickerson, & Garrett Gurthie on the MPO side. For his FPO picks he also chose Paige Pierce & Madison Walker. This resulted in Michael landing a 1208 score which means he will be receiving a DD Umbrella.
  3. Troy Oldbury chose Ricky Wysocki, JohnE McCray, James Conrad, & Eric Oakley to be only the second out of the top ten this weekend who did not choose Double G in his fantasy lineup. In an attempt to open up his MPO picks, Troy chose Rebecca Cox & Paige Pierce for the FPO side. He ended up with 1201 points and landed him a DGPT disc.
  4. pro45fessor went with Ricky Wysocki, JohnE McCray, Eagle McMahon, & Garrett Gurthie, then Paige Pierce & Rebecca Cox which resulted in a 1199 score and landed him a pair of DGPT socks.
  5. Erin Fitz rounds out the top five in the DGPT league choosing Eagle McMahon, James Conrad, Drew Gibson, and Garrett Gurthie on the MPO side. Erin chose Paige Pierce & Jennifer Allen to land a 1196 score bringing home a DGPT Silipint.

As with WACO , all five of the free fantasy winners would have made-up the top five in the Patreon League had they been in the league. There is plenty of time to sign-up for our Patreon League by becoming a $5 or more a month Patreon supporter. Our next event will be the San Francisco Open May 25-27th. So make sure you are signed-up before then to maximize your fantasy opportunities.