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Jonesboro Open: Stat of the Week

In 2017 the Jonesboro Open was in its inaugural year. While the field was smaller in 2017 than it will be this weekend (last year only 54 competed in MPO, this year 106) the
competition was just as fierce as we expect it to be here in four days. Ultimately, Ricky Wysocki finished at the top of the podium, carding a 57%, top rank birdie percentage across the weekend. However, Ricky’s win and birdie percentage were not the only notable things taking place last year at Disc Side of Heaven. There was a name in the hunt the entire weekend that carded three high stats that proved to be equally important at the end of the day.

The Disc Side of Heaven Championship course is long and grueling. While the fairways tend to be fair, when a player lands off the fairway, the rough is extremely rough. Carding an 88% scramble rate this player was able to stay on the lead card throughout the tournament. The only person who carded a more impressive scramble rate at the 2017 Jonesboro Open was Lewis Bitney who also finished within the top ten at the event.

Bogey Percentage
While it is true, the person who shoots the least amount of bogies ends up having a pretty good tournament, this is particularly important at Disc Side of Heaven where distance off the tee is key and there are few opportunities to card easy birdies. It’s no surprise the person with a strong scramble percentage also had the fewest bogies in the tournament (two bogies and one double bogey). It was this percentage that led us to focus on this player from the 2017 Jonesboro Open. When you see a player only go over par on three holes across the entire tournament on a course that has a warning sign like the one below…you know they were shooting good.
While gathering up all of the stats, it was equally impressive that this player had a 3rd place parked percentage, showing not only was he scrambling well, but when he did scramble (and when he didn’t) he was putting his drives and upshots right under the basket to stay clean and finish at the top.

So who is this mystery player? If the photo at the top did not give it away, JohnE McCray finished the tournament in 4th place last year, keeping five out of the eight percentage stats tracked in the top 10 in the field. He will be returning to the 2018 Jonesboro Open this weekend, April 6th-8th and we will expect him to shoot equally as well this year.
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