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Kristin Tattar Achieves Career Grand Slam with 4 Major Event Wins

By Nick Quargnenti

In a momentous achievement, the #1 player in the world and reigning disc golf world champion Kristin Tattar (PDGA# 73986) has achieved a career grand slam with a momentous triumph at the 2023 European Open. Tattar achieved this historic milestone by securing wins at four unique PDGA Major events. In addition to the 2023 European Open, Tattar had previously secured wins at the 2019 United States Women’s Disc Golf Championships (USWDGC), 2022 PDGA World Championships, and the 2023 Champions Cup. Even more impressive, Tattar’s last three PDGA Major event victories have come consecutively, cementing her last 12 months on tour as one of the most dominant runs in the sport’s history.

Kristin Tattar at the 2023 European Open. Photo: Kevin Huver / DGPT

With previous victories at the USWDGC, the World Championships, and the Champions Cup under her belt, Tattar approached the second Major event of the 2023 season, with unwavering confidence. This confidence was on display all weekend, Tattar shot the hot round four days in a row and won the event with a 16-stroke lead over the rest of the field. According to StatMando, this is the largest FPO PDGA Major margin of victory since Paige Pierce’s 17-stroke win at the 2019 European Open. Check out our detailed FPO recap of this year’s edition of the European Open for more storylines from the event.

This season has been nothing short of remarkable for Tattar, she has secured wins in 9 out of 14 DGPT point-events, encompassing Elite, Silver, and Major events, resulting in an impressive win percentage of 64%. Moreover, Tattar has achieved 11 podium finishes out of the 14 events she’s participated in and has achieved a top-10 or better finish at every event she’s competed in this season, not to mention a flawless 100% cash rate. At Major events alone this season, Tattar has been averaging over a 1000 event rating.

Kristin Tattar at the 2023 WACO and Champions Cup. Photo: Kevin Huver / DGPT

The professional disc golf career grand slam is one of the most difficult accomplishments to achieve in the sport, winning just one Major can be the crowning achievement of a player’s career. Majors bring with them a more competitive field and bigger purses, they are widely considered the most difficult events to win, winning four unique Majors is simply out of reach for most players (especially in the MPO division given the increased depth of competition within the division). Disc golf Majors have shifted around as the professional side of the sport has developed, the most modern take of the achievement requires a player to win the European Open, the Champions Cup, the Disc Golf World Championship, and the United States Disc Golf Championship or United States Women’s Disc Golf Championship.

Paige Pierce at the 2023 DMC. Photo: Kevin Huver / DGPT

Tattar’s journey to the career grand slam began with her breakthrough win at one of the most prestigious events in disc golf – the 2019 USWDGC, where Tattar beat Paige Pierce by 4-strokes. Tattar’s extraordinary achievement stands alongside that of only one other FPO player – five-time world champion Paige Pierce (PDGA# 29190). Pierce was a trailblazer in the FPO division and accomplished her own modern career grand slam with a win at the Champions Cup in 2022

Catrina Allen at the 2023 Texas States. Photo: Kevin Huver / DGPT

Tattar and Pierce are the only FPO players to have accomplished the modern version of the career grand slam as the first edition of the Champions Cup was run in 2022. Before the modern set of Major events were in effect, Catrina Allen (PDGA #44184), and Valarie Jenkins (PDGA #17495) also won 4+ unique Major events. Tattar, Pierce, Allen, Jenkins, Juliana Korver (PDGA# 7438),  Des Reading (PDGA# 15863), and Carrie Berlogar (PDGA# 13815) are also the only FPO players to win 2+ Major events in a single season. While Pierce and Jenkins are the only FPO players to win 3 Major events in a single season, a victory at the 2023 World Championships would give Tattar a third PDGA Major win this season and yet another opportunity to join elite company and push the boundaries of the sport.

Kristin Tattar at the 2023 Champions Cup. Photo: Kevin Huver / DGPT

On the MPO side, Paul McBeth (PDGA# 27523) comes closest to achieving the modern version of the career grand slam, with only a Champions Cup victory eluding him. However, it’s noteworthy that in 2015, McBeth exhibited exceptional dominance throughout the season, securing victories in 5 Major events, Worlds, USDGC, and the European Open, not to mention the Scandinavian Open and Aussie Open.

Paul McBeth at the 2023 Open at Austin. Photo: Kevin Huver / DGPT

As we look toward the future, one thing is certain: Kristin Tattar’s legacy in professional disc golf will endure. From her humble beginnings in Estonia to her recent triumph at the European Open, Tattar’s journey is far from over, and the world eagerly awaits the next chapter in her extraordinary career.

Kristin Tattar at the 2023 DMC. Photo: Kevin Huver / DGPT

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