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Misplays at the Utah Open

Round One: Eagle McMahon Hole 4
During round one of the Utah Open Eagle McMahon had a bomber drive on hole
four. The drive landed in an OB pond behind the basket. After consulting with his card mates, he played his drive from the last place inbounds. The caddy book clearly states if the first shot of a hole goes OB into a pond the player must play from the drop zone.
The incorrect play was not noticed until this afternoon when a card mate from the first round realized the hole was not played correctly during a conversation with the TD. Once the round was completed a two-throw penalty was assessed for the misplayed hole.
Round Two: Lewis Bitney Hole 18
On hole 18 Lewis Bitney made the island but went OB on his putt. Due to the unsafe footing on the edge of the water, there is a designated drop zone for any shots which go OB (with no penalty). Lewis did not throw from the designated area and instead holed out from a different spot. The misplay was noticed as soon as it happened and the penalty assessed before the scores were added up.
As if we needed another reminder, always read the caddy book and listen during the players meeting. We will return with coverage tomorrow at 4 PM ET. Tell your friends and tune in to watch , it is shaping up to be a great finish!