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News & Notes from the TruBank Des Moines Challenge Press Conference

By Charles McCracken

By: Matthew Lavallee

Ahead of the TruBank Des Moines Challenge presented by Discraft, pros and tournament staff spoke on Disc Golf Network. Here’s what we learned…

There will be plenty of scoring this weekend

Ricky Wysocki estimated it would take a -30 to -32 score to win the 2022 Des Moines Challenge. 2021 FPO champion Missy Gannon called the course very scorable. “There’s a good mix of being able to throw far but also being technical. I love this course.” DMC was added to the Disc Golf Pro Tour in 2021 after COVID-19 did not allow the European Open to take place. Tour Director Jeff Spring said the tournament was the “best surprise” on the tour last year.

All eyes are on the weather forecast

There is a chance of thunderstorms Friday and Saturday in Indianola. “I don’t think it’s gonna be too bad,” said tournament director Ty Tannatt. “From the people I’ve talked to, it sounds like everything’s gonna go on.” 2021’s runner-up Calvin Heimburg is hoping for clear skies to avoid a similar situation to last year. “There was only one stretch that I played poorly on and it was when I had to come back early in the morning after the [weather] delay.”

Gannon Buhr gets VERY nervous when he putts

Although he’s been touring since last year, 17-year-old Gannon Buhr is still dealing with tremendous nerves on the course, especially when putting. Buhr has been a predominant name in the sport’s ongoing pace-of-play discussion. In fact, he recently posted a hilarious video on Instagram parodying his own pre-putt routine. The nerves are the sole reason for his slow playing style, according to him. “I shake when I’m on the course because I’m so scared to make a mistake.” The plan for Buhr the night before DMC is to throw 500 to 1,000 putts in preparation.

Brodie Smith & Paul McBeth addressed their ‘beef’

Brodie Smith and Paul McBeth were both asked about the online back-and-forth that took place just over a week ago. “I focused on some stuff I shouldn’t have focused on,” said Smith. “That was my fault.” McBeth estimated that he has not talked to Brodie Smith since last year and explained, “We’re all competitors. So at some point, it’s going to carry over. Sometimes there’s a line that gets crossed.”

Players dished their favorite fried foods found at the Iowa State Fair

With one of the country’s biggest fairs taking place right down the street, players shared their go-to summertime fried food:

  • Ricky Wysocki: Funnel Cake (with powdered sugar)
  • Missy Gannon:  Fried Oreos
  • Jessica Weese: Corn Dog
  • Calvin Heimburg: Fried Ice Cream
  • Sarah Gilpin: N/A – Has not been to the fair ‘in years’ (despite living in Iowa)

Catch all the action at the 2022 Des Moines Challenge on Disc Golf Network starting at 9:30am CT (FPO) and 3:30pm CT (MPO) Friday, August 19th.