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News & Notes from the Ledgestone Open Press Conference

By Baker Helton

By: Matthew Lavallee

Ahead of the Discraft Ledgestone Open, pros, tournament staff, and a disc golf hall of famer spoke on Disc Golf Network. Here’s what we learned…

Paige Pierce got to reflect on 2021 after the release of FIERCE: A Disc Golf Documentary

During her press availability, Paige Pierce called 2021 “the biggest year of [her] life.” Seeing the just-released documentary gave her the chance to look back on how much she has grown mentally from even just one year ago. She also sees this great chance to prove that disc golf content can appeal to audiences beyond hardcore Pro Tour fans. “It’s an incredible piece of film and I’m so happy with how it came out. I know once people do watch it, it’s gonna be huge for disc golf.”

Fierce: A Disc Golf Documentary is available NOW on Disc Golf Network! Here’s how you can watch.

Natalie Ryan, two weeks removed from her win at DGLO, is composed as ever

Natalie Ryan described a “hectic” 2 weeks since her first elite series victory filled with media requests and taking in the public response to her win. She also admitted her head was “still in DGLO” during the Mid America Open, where she scored +7 over three days. Ryan is treating this week as a chance to get back to her game. Her first impressions of Ledgetone’s courses yielded a solid practice round. “I like how difficult it is,” Natalie said of Northwood Black.

The MPO field overwhelmingly agrees that Northwood Black is the hardest course on the tour

Ricky Wysocki put it bluntly, “If you walk out of Northwood and you shoot two 4-unders, 5-unders, that’s great. I’ll take that.“ Calvin Heimburg noted that some changes to the course (such as the removal of a few small trees on hole 13) have made it slightly less punishing. Still, do not expect Heimburg to change his game plan from that of a year ago when he set a course record in round two. Naturally, this is one of Calvin’s favorite stops on the tour.

Kristin Tattar feels better, but not 100%

Disc golf fans will see Kristin Tattar competing in the United States for the first time since her win at DDO in early May. Kristin explained, “I still have a problem with the ulnar nerve in my elbow, but I feel a lot better than like one month ago.” She added that her doctor gave her the go-ahead to finish the season and use the off-season for a full recovery. Tattar detailed her plan to control the pain by giving preference to the forehand and relying on understable discs to avoid throwing too hard.

Ohn Scoggins knows exactly what she wants for her birthday

“After this press conference, I’m gonna go see [my husband],” explained a jubilant Ohn Scoggins. “He says he’s going to take me to dinner and maybe have some drinks at the brewery. I’m not requesting expensive anything. Just take me to dinner.“

Happy 41st birthday, Ohn! She is another year older, but showing no signs of slowing down.

Catch all the action at the 2022 Ledgestone Open on Disc Golf Network starting at 11:30am CST (FPO) and 3:00pm CST (MPO) Thursday, August 11th.