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November DGPT Updates & Announcements

By Baker Helton
Happy November! We’re excited for a busy month of announcements regarding the Disc Golf Pro Tour and plans for 2020. Today we are happy to announce the first few.

DGPT Test Event Brand Evolves into New Silver Series

The Disc Golf Pro Tour is pleased to announce that the DGPT Test Events will shift to a new structure for the 2020 season which will be known as the DGPT Silver Series. The DGPT is currently working with events that served as 2019 Test Events to establish the bulk of the Silver Series schedule. That said, we are open to hearing from other events that may be interested in becoming a part of the Series.

Discussions and evaluation of events will take place during the first two weeks of November. Final details of the Silver Series structure will be released later this month along with the finalized schedule. However, some notable changes to the Series can be shared at this time. First, Silver Series events will award DGPT points at approximately 20% of the value of an event on Tour. The DGPT will also deliver a branding package to each event, as well as assist with marketing, promotion, and placement and procural of event resources if necessary.

Interested events will be considered if they have a strong history of meeting the highest standards of competition at venues that are well-suited for elite-level play. Working in coordination with our partners at the PDGA, the DGPT prefers that Silver Series events are PDGA A-Tiers. The event staff must also be experienced with a track record of demonstrated success. The Silver Series will serve as not only a developmental platform for events interested in joining the DGPT in the future but as its own unique part of the tour in 2020. To submit your event for consideration, please fill out the form below.

DGPT Releases 2020 RFP for Post Production Video Media

The Disc Golf Pro Tour is requesting proposals from independent media companies who are interested in partnering with the DGPT to create video media at events in 2020. For more information, please see our official RFP. To contact the DGPT to express interest, please fill out the form provided below. Thank you!