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One Shot

Do we know what we have? We have right now. This moment. That is the only guarantee we’ve got. One moment, right now, right here. Sometimes building the Disc
Golf Pro Tour feels like an interminable march up the steepest of hills. At other times, it is my largest happiness. Either way, the only thing we can absolutely define is this moment.
One ShotWhen you are on the course, when you are singing your heart out in the shower, when you are saying goodbye to a loved one, all we’ve got is that one moment. Live it to its fullest. Take the shot, sing like there’s no tomorrow, and love as richly as you can. In many ways, the Pro Tour is my shot. It is a dream I’ve had for over a decade. Life found a way to put me in a position to take the shot. My one shot. And I’m going to do my best to throw it straight and true.
This season, while you watch the best players on tour, remember that for them, this moment, this shot, is all they have. How will they perform? Take it. One shot. Define the moment.
This year we celebrate One Shot. The shot that pushes to a playoff. The putt to win. The throw-in to thrill us. The one shot we celebrate could come from anyone . At anytime. The only thing we control is this moment. Take the shot.
One ShotLast year, before the season began, I remember talking with a friend that disc golf needs one shot. When asked to clarify, I explained our sport needs to catch one amazing disc golf shot that could show the world how athletic, beautiful, and inspiring disc golf can be. Amazingly, just a few months later, Philotross.
Over 1,000,000 views. Featured on ESPN, PGA, CBS, FOX, NBC, Tosh.0, and even Outrageous Acts of Science. Thank you Philo. That one shot introduced millions to the beauty that is disc golf. We are on our way to bringing disc golf into the mainstream. More courses will be installed, more clubs will be born, more tournaments will be played, and more friends will be made. We are the front edge of a wave.
One Shot. We are taking ours. You take yours. And please join us as we watch the best in the world take theirs.
2017 DGPT. Watch.