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PDGA and DGPT working together

In the next few weeks, the PDGA’s National Tour and the Disc Golf Pro Tour will kick off the official 2017 North American Season. As discussed in a previous post,
this is the best our sport has ever been for touring pros . Not only that, in 2017, there will be more live and edited coverage, more write ups, more blogs and podcasts, and more spectators than our sport has ever seen.
Let’s add some icing to our cake …To top it all off, we are very excited to announce that the PDGA and the DGPT will be working very closely together during the 2017 season to help push the sport forward. In addition to the increased payouts on both the National Tour and Pro Tour, the PDGA will help to publicize the Pro Tour events while the DGPT will help to increase awareness of the PDGA among our spectators.
The PDGA publicity push will include posting and promoting preview articles and promotional videos as well as daily recaps and edited round coverage of each DGPT event. Additionally, the PDGA will have a prominent presence at the Pro Tour venues. Each event is proudly PDGA sanctioned and several holes will have PDGA / DGPT signage off the tees, which will be seen by the onsite spectators and the hundreds of thousands (if not millions!) of people that watch online.
Additionally, the Pro Tour will continue to send out links to live coverage, event write-ups, and points totals for the National Tour events. This is an exciting time and we are excited to be working with the PDGA.
As the governing body of our sport, the PDGA has ushered us into a new era for disc golf. Continued double digit growth – now with significant numbers – in players, members, courses and tournaments bode very well for the sport as a whole. The Pro Tour and PDGA will continue to work to preserve the rich history and culture of our sport while continuing to push it forward to the mainstream.
Here’s to an exciting 2017 season.