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Power Picks Dozen: Discraft’s GMC

Power Rankings Fantasy Picks are back. Do you know the players better than our 2017 Power Rankings algorithm? If so, you could win a pair of KEEN shoes!
How it WorksThe top 12 players, according to our Power Rankings, are listed in order. You predict if they will do better or worse than our Power Rankings predicted order of finish. The person with the most predictions right wins. Total score of the winner is the tiebreaker, just in case.
FREE KEENs? Really?Yup! KEEN has been a Premier Partner for two (every) years and we love to introduce people to how great they are. KEEN’s purpose is to create original and versatile products that improve lives and inspire outside adventure. Their support of the Pro Tour is definitely helping!
If you win, we will email you a code and a website where you can pick out ANY KEEN shoes that you want. Here we go!