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Pro Tour cited in new book. Buy a copy!

To purchase the book, please visit Amazon or iTunes. Let’s support the School of Disc Golf!

Jack “Tupp” Trageser of the School of Disc Golf in Santa Cruz, CA, puts forward a tremendous argument for the growth of our sport and the surpassing of golf. The book has been featured on

iTunes and Amazon as well as received many glowing reviews.

Jack, who has been a supporter of the Pro Tour since its inception, believes we are on the verge of getting mainstream media, which now includes the likes of Netflix, Amazon, Hulu as well as the traditional outlets, to buy into our story and spread the word to the masses.

He discusses E.M. Rogers’ Diffusion of Innovation theory: It is an explanation of the social science aspect of all new innovations, breaking the public into five categories: Innovators, Early Adopters, Early Majority, Late Majority, and Laggards.

Disc golf is in the Early Adopters phase, and it has gotten here through almost entirely organic means. Our sport is due for a big dam-breaking moment, or Tipping Point (Malcolm Gladwell), and when that happens we’ll move to the Early Majority phase very quickly.

While the book is not geared specifically to the Disc Golf Pro Tour, it does remind us that we need to be ready. The masses are waking up to what we are offering.


Seen here featured on iTunes.

To purchase the book, please visit Amazon or iTunes. Let’s support the School of Disc Golf!

DGPT Mentions:


In the Fall of 2015, within the space of several weeks, the disc golf community received word of three new professional tours. They were separate ventures, but shared these common goals:

  • Grow disc golf as a spectator sport
  • Significantly increase the level of sponsorship, thereby increasing the prize money and income for top players
  • Introduce disc golf to many new potential players and fans by increased and improved broadcasting of live coverage of events via the internet, cable TV, and network television
  • Profit!

Of the three, only the Disc Golf Pro Tour plans to operate in 2018. The Disc Golf World Tour announced at least a one-year hiatus after the 2017 season, and the American Disc Golf Tour folded after a single event. Few disc golfers will get the chance to play in a Disc Golf Pro Tour event, but promoter Steve Dodge hopes the quality of play and the superior production value of the live broadcasts will entice more people to check out the action.

People unfamiliar with disc golf may equate the entire sport with ‘tossing a Frisbee around,’ and it certainly can be that to those who embrace only the first definition of play. For millions of others, for whom some form of disc golf competition scratches an itch no other sport can reach, it is much, much more. And to a small but growing number of elite players, it’s also now a way to make a living. We’ll get into what lies ahead for professional disc golf in our chapter on The Future of Disc Golf.


By 2026, disc golf courses in the U.S. will outnumber traditional (ball) golf courses. In a blog post published in January 2016, Pro Disc Golf Tour director Steve Dodge makes a case for this happening in as little as 10 years. He cites the total current number of traditional golf courses in the U.S. (15,000 and dropping, after a high of 17,000 not long ago) and disc golf courses (5,000 and climbing fast). Assuming disc golf course numbers maintain a 20 percent growth rate — a conservative estimate based on trends of the last 20 years — it’ll only take seven years! It could happen even quicker as the trend of traditional golf courses closing, converting to disc golf, or becoming shared-use (think snowboarding at ski resorts) continues.


The DGPT (Disc Golf Pro Tour), is to be commended for its continued commitment to webcasting live disc golf, as well as for its efforts to promote women’s disc golf. Tour director Steve Dodge believes in disc golf’s future as a spectator sport and is dedicated to executing his vision for an on-site ‘festival’ experience at tournaments as well as increasingly polished live video coverage and commentary.

To purchase the book, please visit Amazon or iTunes. Let’s support the School of Disc Golf!