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Pro Tour FPO Championship Preview: Does Sarah Hokom have the Winning Formula?

If there is one player that has made the most of each and every Disc Golf Pro Tour event it would have to be Sarah Hokom. In 2017, Sarah elevated her game by becoming
co-champion at the Waco Charity Open alongside Catrina Allen. Her finishes at DGPT tour events this season have been nothing less than remarkable. Out of the eight DGPT events, she found herself in second place a miraculous five times, first place once, and never fell below top ten for the entirety of the tour!
A Look Back
Last year, Sarah ended her season with the most points and in first place in the standings. Yet, the one thing that hasn’t changed a year later is her consistency. Fans watch as the competitors among the field rise and fall by the calendar, moving up or down as often as the changing of the venue. This isn’t the case with Sarah Hokom. What you see is what you get with this astounding player. Sarah’s knack is forcing you to play your very best if you want to beat her. You will never see her going through the motions or giving it less than all she has, and that translates into exciting disc golf.
Winning Formula
Most players don’t stray too far away from each other when it comes to the strategies that could inevitably propel them to the top of an important disc golf event. But with every sport that sees the highest competitors face off, the devil is always in the details. I asked Sarah if she had an overall goal she envisions when the dust settles at the Tour Championship, and she spoke honestly when she said, “My goal is always to do my best! In particular, it will be a slightly difficult mind-frame to stay in the moment and ignore what my competitors are doing with only one round to determine whether I advance. I will need to treat every round like it’s the last round of an event.” With just a few moments talking to Sarah, you understand that she means business and will leave every ounce of her energy on the course when it’s all said and done.
Sarah Hokom – 2017 Stats The Spotlight
If you are a player that competes at a level that is far beyond what the average person can achieve, it’s safe to say you might have a love-hate relationship with the media. When you are on top, the media is soft and invited, but in times of struggle the focus can be a bit hard to swallow. I wondered what the media has done to her outlook and she responded by saying that, “The coverage has forced me to face my demons. In the past, large galleries and film crews have made competition more difficult for me by adding to the already great pressure for me to perform well. This year, I’ve learned to harness this energy in a much more comfortable state when the media is present. For this I’m very grateful.”
What’s Ahead?
With her tremendous 2017 season finish of second place, Sarah earned a bye to the semifinals along with Paige Pierce, and Catrina Allen. This puts her in the enviable position of holding her Tour Championship fate in her own hands. I asked Sarah her thoughts of the 2017 Tour Championship bracket and her place in it and she remarked that, “I’m very pleased with my placement! My commitment to the DGPT, along with consistent play has put me in a great position. Many great players will have already been eliminated by the time I play my first round.” It’s a pleasure to talk to a player that understands her place in the sport and still has the fire to compete at the highest level. With the DGPT wrapping up its season with the Tour Championship, I asked Sarah to reflect on her impressions of the Disc Golf Pro Tour with Steve Dodge as Director and she didn’t hold back as she commented that, “The DGPT has shown that BIG changes can happen in a relatively short period of time with the right person (Steve Dodge) at the helm.” Sarah seems to understand the impact of the pro tour as she continued, “The DGPT has provided professional players twice the number of opportunities in a year to earn a decent paycheck. I can’t wait to see how the DGPT continues to improve and I will always support their efforts.”
Live coverage start times are listed below in EDT:

  • Noon on Thursday, Oct 19: Round 1
  • Noon on Friday, Oct 20: Quarterfinals
  • Noon on Saturday, Oct 21: Semifinals
  • Noon on Sunday, Oct 22: Finals
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Don’t miss one second of the action as Disc Golf Pro Tour Season returns once more and brings the best golfers in the world to Jacksonville, FL in just one week. Stay tuned for more player profiles and tournament preview pieces and fill out your bracket!