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Pro Tour MPO Championship Preview: What rule will Drew have named after him this year?

Drew made headlines at last year’s Pro Tour Championship. In fact, Drew garnered enough attention to ultimately have a rule regarding how the Semi’s are paired. Last
year the semi-final round was paired based on finish in the quarterfinals. Drew realized what this meant for him and threw a few strokes worse to avoid playing on a card with Paul McBeth . This resulted in a new rule for this year’s tour, which seeds competitors based on their tour finish instead of their previous round.
This year Drew ultimately did not have to employ any gamesmanship to make it into the semi-finals round. His consistent performance across the season landed him a bye for a Saturday round at the Championship. After dropping his worst performance (GMC), Drew’s other eight events were all top twenty finishes. Drew is set to take on the Disc Golf Pro Tour Championship with $1,000 already guaranteed and a shot at making even more money.
Drew’s year leading to the championship
Drew’s year has been up and down. Across 23 tournaments played Drew’s finishes have ranged from 1st at the GBO Olpe Warm-up to a 41st place finish at GBO (in the same week no less!). In between the range of finishes Drew averaged a 12th place finish (11.87) at Pro Tour events this season (after you drop his worst finish). The consistent play across the entire tour has landed Drew his bye to the semi-finals. Most notable for Drew were his two seventh place finishes at Utah and Idlewild. It will be exciting to see how Drew parlays his experience on the course this season to his play in the semi-finals round at the championship.
What in Drew’s play will create a new rule this year?
Let’s be honest, Drew probably will not have another rule named after him this year. However, as someone who is known for his gamesmanship (which is not a bad thing), if someone is going to have a strategy which would lead to a new rule, Drew would be on the top of the list. That being said, what does his bracket look like in the semi-finals? Drew is matched up with Jeremy Koling in the semi-finals round. Idlewild and Vibram are the only two events where Drew outpaced Koling. However, the New World Course which is home of the Tour Championship is not near as wooded as Idlewild and Vibram. The New World Course is more open which will suit Drew’s game, but at the same time on the more open courses Koling has been able to go shot-for-shot. This does not take into account the other two players who will be on the card. We know for sure a few people who cannot make it onto the card (since the card will feature the person with the second best and seventh best in tour points) however, who will be on the card is mere speculation at this point.
You will want to make sure to tune into the Pro Tour Championship to see how it all shakes out.
Live coverage of the DGPT Tour Championship schedule starts, times listed are EDT:

  • Noon on Thursday, Oct 19 : Round 1
  • Noon on Friday, Oct 20: Quarterfinals
  • Noon on Saturday, Oct 21 : Semifinals
  • Noon on Sunday, Oct 22 : Finals