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Pro Tour Power Rankings 7/4/17

The week after Pro Worlds is traditionally a quiet week in the pro side of disc golf and last weekend was no different. On the Men’s Side, the Delaware
Disc Golf Challenge was the only qualifying event. On the Women’s Side, the Red White and BOOOM tournament in Dayton, OH also qualified.
Welcome to the Top 25Manabu Kajiyama’s 38th at Pro Worlds qualified him for the Power Rankings, landing him in 28th. His fourth place finish in Delaware moved him up to 25th (52.7%), knocking Drew Gibson to 26th at 52.6%.
Another name to watch is Andrew Fish. He does not yet have enough qualifying points to be ranked. If he can maintain his 81% winning percentage over a couple more events, it would put him solidly in the top ten.
McBeth, Wysocki, and most of the other big names took the weekend off and there was no movement in the top 24.
No MovementOn the Women’s Side there was no movement as most of the top players took the weekend off. Lesli Todd and Hannah Leatherman pulled off good wins and increased their winning percentages a bit.