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Prodiscus USA Launches

Pro Tour partner Prodiscus announced late last week an offshoot of it’s company entitled Prodiscus USA. Prodiscus USA will be the official provider of Prodiscus
manufactured disc golf discs to consumers in the United States. The company will be based in Arkansas and seeks to become the leader among disc golf manufacturers in the growth of collegiate disc golf.
Prodiscus was the first Finnish disc golf manufacturer and started producing discs in 2010 under the leadership of Owner and C.E.O., Kai Vesa. Prodiscus has a large following in Europe but had yet to become a staple in the North American disc golf scene. In 2017, Prodiscus extended their efforts to expand in the United States by hiring Baker Helton to manage United States sales and promotions. Helton launched a nationwide RV tour, signed up-and-coming professional, Kevin Jones, and also sponsored the Jonesboro Open in an effort to further increase brand recognition. Helton now is the co-owner of the new Prodiscus USA.
“The time is right to launch a United States focused Prodiscus brand,” Co-Owner, Baker Helton, said. “With the recent announcement of Prodiscus sponsoring the Jonesboro Open again in 2018 and an electric player like Kevin Jones on tour, there is no better time to set this in motion. The product has always been there. People love our plastic and many of our discs, including the Jokeri and Laseri, have become go-tos in many player’s bags. Players want to throw Prodiscus plastic but they’ve have had a hard time being able to consistently access our discs in the United States. That is going to change.”
Prodiscus will also make a concerted effort to grow the sport at the collegiate level. Helton launched the Southern Collegiate Disc Golf Association in 2016 and the league is currently ran by Prodiscus USA Co-Owner, Charlie McCracken. In its effort to grow collegiate disc golf, Prodiscus USA will donate a percentage of every transaction both to the SCDGA and other collegiate efforts.
More information about Prodiscus USA can be found on the company’s website,