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Risk free ads? If you have ever thought about advertising with the pro tour, this is the way to do it

By Baker Helton

SmashBoxx is back!
Over our first two events, the Disc Golf Pro Tour has learned some tough lessons. So we made the call and are working with SmashboxxTV for the foreseeable future. The live broadcast has seen glimpses of what it can be. At Jonesboro, we are prepared to put it all together and create a live broadcast we can all be proud of:
– 1080p video resolution
– 3-camera coverage of the Lead Card
– Picture-in-Picture ads and reactions
– Scoring Graphics
– Instant Replays
– Chase Card action
– Cinemagraphic reaction camera

New Advertising Opportunities
For the Jonesboro Open live broadcast, and beyond, disc golf companies will have the opportunity to bid to have their ad shown .

How much would you pay to have 1,000 disc golfers watch your ad? That’s your bid. Then you just set your max spend and you will pay no more than your bid per view up to your max spend.

Other companies will bid their amount and the ads will be prioritized based on the bid. The technology avoids showing the same ad more than twice an hour and never shows the same ad twice in a row.

A Risk-Free Offer to Disc Golf Companies
If you are not happy with the broadcast or your return on investment, you pay nothing.

By the Numbers
Average CPM rates from the video advertising industry:

  • $9 CPM: Average cost of (1000) 15-second ads
  • $16 CPM: average cost of (1000) 15-second ads to endemic viewers/niche audience
  • $15 CPM: Average cost of (1000) 30-second ads
  • $25 CPM: average cost of (1000) 30-second ads to endemic viewers/niche audience

Company name : ABC Disc Golf
Point of contact : John Smith
Billing address : 123 Main Street, Anytown, USA
Email address :
Phone number : 999-999-9999
Ad bid price : $10 CPM ($10 per 1,000 ads viewed)
Max spend : $200 = 20,000 ad views max (you only pay for ads that are actually viewed)