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Scoring Clarifications from the Memorial Championship presented by Discraft

Clarifications from the Pro Tour. In the second and fourth rounds, Ricky Wysocki turned in an incorrect scorecard. Each of these infractions resulted in him
receiving a two-stroke penalty.
Without the penalties, he shot 39 under par, which would have put him in a tie for second place. However, after assessing the four penalty strokes, he ended in a tie for third place with Dave Feldberg. Feldberg carded a 12 under par final round, one off the hot round of the day, pulling himself up from the second card into the tie for third place. In the tour standings , they will split the third and fourth place points.
The other clarification is about Madison Walker. She shot well enough in the first three Rounds to make the cut for the final round. The top half of the players made the cut. Madison fell ill the night before the final round and was unable to compete.
On the PDGA page , this results in a DNF and no points. In the Pro Tour standings , she receives the points for her 12th Place finish as she shot better then everyone that did not make the cut. If there was no cut, Madison would have received last place points for her DNF.