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Scoring System Live Conversation

Next week we will be holding two live conversations to discuss how to use the UDisc Live app. Using the UDisc Live app will be a responsibility of the MPO and
FPO players at each Pro Tour event this season. In an effort to make this transition as easy as possible, these two live conversations will be held so players can watch and learn as well as ask any questions they have.
Google Hangout Conversations – All are welcome

The Goal
Our goal is that every MPO and FPO player at all Pro Tour events should have complete and accurate scores and stats. We will ensure the scores are accurate by comparing the paper scorecard to the UDisc Live scoring app at the end of each round. Any discrepancies will be corrected before the cards are officially turned in.
This will also serve as a double check to ensure that the correct scores are entered on the paper scorecard. With one person writing down scores and a different person entering scores in UDisc Live, we will be eliminating the possibility of scores being written down wrong, whether maliciously or accidentally.
As we discussed in our 2017 Scoring Review and 2018 Scoring Plans , in addition to more accurate scoring, we will create player statistics from the throws entered into the UDisc Live scoring app. These statistics will be used in the media, by the players and fans, and in statistical analysis of the courses and players.
Player Responsibilities

  • Keeping score on the paper scorecard for 4 or 5 holes
  • Keeping score in the UDisc Live scoring app for 4 or 5 holes

Additional Useful Information

  • No scoring will happen during play. All scoring will happen on the tee of the next hole.
  • The DGPT will provide phones for each card to utilize.
  • Players may bring a caddy or scoring friend to keep score
  • Players can download the UDisc Live app and test it out (use code “123”). The app icon is an orange square with a white U in it.
  • Players will receive a free year of UDisc Pro as a thank you
  • We will have a UDisc scoring assistant at the tee of hole 2 to assist in scoring the first hole. We will work to make this easy.

Scoring errors will be a thing of the past. When the two scores (scores from the paper scorecard and throws from the UDisc Live scoring app) are compared at the end of the round, discrepancies will quickly be seen and will easily be corrected. Fair playing field for all. When all of the scores are correct, the paper scorecard is turned in.
Accuracy of the statistics will be improved. During the past season, we would occasionally see some scoring and statistics which were clearly a bit off. Having the players be directly responsible for this will mean that the tracking of the throws will be much more accurate.
Data for course analysis will be more useful. Only 60% of MPO players had their data tracked in 2017. In order to ensure that the course tests all skill levels, we need scores and stats for all the players, from the lead card to the last.
Useful Videos

We will provide scoring assistants to the top FPO and top three MPO cards so that the data is collected in real time, throw by throw. As the tour grows, the number of scoring assistants will increase and eventually, this responsibility will be lifted from the players. All comments and questions are welcome.