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Seasons Giveaways – Happy Holidays from the Pro Tour

This holiday season we have given away a few different prizes as our way of saying thanks for supporting the Pro Tour during the 2017 season.
Trading Cards GiveawayWe started the giveaways by giving a little extra to those who supported us by purchasing the Pro Tour Trading Cards .
The winners of the trading card giveaway were as follows:
From Facebook:
David Cox, Brandon Langston, Rebecca Cox, and Ed Moore
From Instagram:
Cale Leiviska, Erika Stinchcomb, marncundiff, joedouglass425, drchasehayden, and swvdgfan
Thanks to everyone who shared photos of their trading cards. We greatly appreciate your support of the Pro Tour and your willingness to share the products we create. If you have some Christmas money burning a hole in your pocket you can still purchase either the entire trading card deck or the individual packs from our store, simply click the following link! I want some trading cards!
ZUCA cart giveaway That wasn’t the only giveaways though. If you have been following our Facebook page then you know last week we decided to giveaway the last of our 2017 DGPT ZUCA carts. People who commented on a post and were fans of the Pro Tour received to entries into a drawing for the prize. As a bonus, people who shared the image were given a third entry. In the process we topped over 30,000 Facebook fans.  With over 1,300 comments and 800 shares there were a lot of people who wanted to win the cart.
Ultimately the prize went to Jeremy McDonough. Congrats Jeremy, we hope you enjoy pulling your discs around the course in style with your DGPT cart.
Stay tuned for 2018…Just like many others in disc golf (we’re looking at you California and Florida), for the DGPT there’s no offseason. We have been busy planning for the 2018 tour. With another year of touring comes another year of giveaways. Be watching for more chances to win awesome DGPT merch in 2018!