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Sexton & Johansen: Table for One

Sexton and Johansen, table for one. Or maybe zero? There is one event left before the Tour Championship and these two are bringing it to the wire for the last spot in The Eight.
If one of the players on the outside gets hot and finishes first or second, it is possible that these two would be left out of The Eight. Nikko is the player that has the best shot at this, especially coming off his third place finish at Worlds, however the drive and desire have not been there consistently for him this year. It is possible that Nikko’s focus was present for Worlds, one gem that has so far eluded his amazing career, but when it comes to Discraft’s Green Mountain Championship, if would seem that Nikko would settle back down into Tour Mode where his best finish is a 5th. Odds are that he finishes 5th or worse and either Sexton or Johansen take the final spot on The Eight’s dance card, earning the bye to the Semifinals and a guaranteed $800.

Presuming that no one on the outside makes a strong move with a first or second place finish, the story is quite simple. If Sexton beats Johansen, Sexton is in The Eight. If Johansen beats Sexton by two positions (eg, MJ’s 6th to Sexton’s 8th), then Johansen gets the final spot. Things get a little interesting if Johansen beats Sexton by one as they would be tied and we would have a very exciting tie-breaker on our hands.
Who has the advantage? On Tour, Johansen has a 2nd, 5th, and 18th, missing the Majestic. Sexton has a 8th, 2nd, and 12th, missing the Silver Cup. There are two ways to predict who will win this battle: Flip a coin, or wait until Discraft’s Green Mountain Championship.
Can they both get in? It is possible, but they would need to go 1-2 and James Conrad (12th, 4th, 9th, 8th) would need to finish 5th or worse. It is interesting that Conrad, Sexton and Johansen have all played equally well on tour. Conrad has the advantage of having played each event and therefore has a 22 point lead, and a fairly secure spot in The Eight.
Watch it go down live:

  • September 15-17: Discraft’s Green Mountain Championship
  • September 17-18: Tour Championship

You can watch live on Smashboxx TV , our Facebook or YouTube page, or on our newly designed website .