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SFO MPO Round 1 Recap – Gangly Guys Gathering – AbsoluteXtracts presents the San Francisco Open driven by Innova

By Baker Helton
​Dang, I just love seeing the hot round trickle lower and lower over the course of the day. With 133 players a lot of different folks get to hold the top spot throughout the day. But with feature cards and touring pros in the mix, the best rounds often come towards the end of the day.  That’s exactly what happened here at the 2019 San Francisco Open presented by AbsoluteXtracts and driven by Innova. Plenty of rounds had plenty of potential but at the end of the day, four folks get a spot on the lead card, no more, no less. After a very long round one we are being rewarded with a lead car where Ricky Wysocki is the small arm. I guess Gleneagles favors the bombers. In Sole possession of first place is Anthony Barela at 11 under par. In a three-way tie for second is Simon Lizotte, Ricky Wysocki, and Calvin Heimburg. This is gonna be good.

Dustin Keegan, an early leader in the clubhouse, next to the scenic and challenging hole 18 green.
Anthony Barela was the first player to arrive in the clubhouse double digits under par, but he wouldn’t be the last. True to form, Barela made his money from the tee and the fairway and followed up with a solid performance on the green. Oh and the kid cashed 13 birdies, he just had to clean up two bogeys. One from a missed par putt on 8 and the other from an OB penalty on 16. The only stat that Barela is leading in is birdies, but hey sometimes that’s the only thing that matters. Nice shooting, Barela!

How many eagles do you think Simon got today? Wrong. Trick question, the answer was actually zero. Weird, right? Okay so you know he shot a 10 under, how many OB penalties do you think he took? If we were playing the Price is Right you’re probably right because he carded that 10 down with four OB penalties. That was at least double the amount of OB shots than any player in the top 10 carded, and the guy it’s only double of was Paul McBeth. I know, weird again. The answer to all of this lies oddly enough on the green. Having never parked a single shot, Simon was perfect inside Circle 1 and hit 3 out of 5 Circle 2 Putts. When the spin putt is on, the spin putt is on. Not even 20 MPH plus winds can break that frozen rope. Speaking of good putting, ever heard of Ricky Wysocki?

There are a couple of reasons Ricky Wysocki isn’t like the rest of tomorrow’s card. 1. He’s really short. 2. He doesn’t throw very far. 3. He’s a World Champ. 4. He eagled today. 5. He didn’t card a bogey or worse all day. It’s a weird list but you gotta give it to me, it’s pretty much true…Ricky also earned himself two 100% merit badges, one of course for those Scramble Jesus skills and then another for never missing inside Circle 1. His eagle on the downhill 747’ beast of a par 4 was from pin high and only just outside Circle 1. And of course, if you only watched the reaction cam you might think his round was garbage. But if there is anything I’ve learned from watching way too much disc golf, it’s that if Ricky Wysocki is disappointed, more likely than not it was a fantastic shot. Thanks for always dreaming for more Rick.

Calvin Heimburg never missed a fairway today…ever. 100% Fairway hits. Just go look at UDisc if you don’t believe me! He also leads the pack in Circle 1 & Circle 2 In Regulation. If only he could have parked a few more shots he would have led the field in every throwing stat UDisc tracks. It was a single OB penalty that led to a double bogey for the Heimborg on hole 6. Otherwise Young Vinny never even parred twice in a row until the last two holes. For a guy who already has a big win under his belt for the year, tomorrow’s pressure shouldn’t be too much to handle.

Eagle McMahon may not have made tomorrow’s lead card but I think he deserves a new stat. Perseverance. After a double OB triple-bogey 7 on hole 7, McMahon birdied ___ of the remaining 11 Holes. Talk about bouncing back! I think it’s safe to say after winning the National Tour last year, Eagle has his tour legs now and they are strong. Nice rebound, Eagle!

On the note of Honorable Mentions, not that he needs more of our adoration, but Paul McBeth’s putting was trick shot quality entertainment. Hole 1? Circle 2 downhill, soft and pure. Dead center. Hole 2? From inside a couple of Christmas trees up and out to a raised basket? Count it! Hole 13? From a knee? Cashed. And a solid flashing of the rings to leap out of the bunker to a drop-in birdie on 18, the third hardest hole on the day. As Nate Doss called it, “a quiet 8 under par”. The defending champion is certainly not out of the hunt. Don’t be surprised if we see a chase card assassin on our hands for moving day.

Now, in a brief segment I’d like to call “Gleneagle Eagle Watch and More,” I have a few shout outs to dispense with in chronological order. First, right out the gate, Anthony Pereyra got to start his day with a 260′ throw in for eagle 2 on hole 1. Now that’s what I call a hot start. You already know about Ricky’s eagle 2 on hole 9. Playing from the same card as Rick, Seppo Paju eagled the very next hole with a 3 on hole 10 and o did Jeremy Koling and AJ Carey. Not too shabby a showing if you ask me. Who knows, maybe the wind calms down tomorrow and we see a few more eagles and if we’re lucky an ace. Don’t miss your chance to see it live as our coverage of the 2019 San Francisco Open presented by AbsoluteXtracts and driven by Innova continues tomorrow.

This article was written by Staff Writer & Editor Zach Podhorzer.