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Silipint™ continues as the Official Pint of the Disc Golf Pro Tour

Leicester, MA (February 17, 2018) — The Disc Golf Pro Tour , the premier North American disc golf tour, is proud to continue its partnership with Silipint , the industry leader and
patent holder in silicone drinkware. Working together, we will continue to push the envelope in our respective industries and look forward to forging a relationship that will bring disc golf and silicone drinkware into the future.
As part of the agreement, Silipints will be available at each Pro Tour stop. You will be able to fill them with the beverage of your choice in a fun, safe, environmentally aware way. The mission of Silipint, to live out loud, inspiring simplicity, creativity, proficiency and fun in every relationship, blends very well with the goals of the Pro Tour. This will be a long and fruitful relationship.
Additionally, the Pro Tour festival games will include a 45 pint pyramid of Silipints! Festival goers will bid or buy raffle tickets for the right to knock over the PINT PYRAMID! Get ready to interact with this amazing product in ways you could only have imagined!
In 2018, the Disc Golf Pro Tour will consist of ten events , including the $50,000 Tour Championship. The Pro Tour events are played by the sport’s best players, at the sport’s most scenic and challenging venues. The Pro Tour will get over 10 million views of the coverage of their events as it continues to raise the public profile of the sport on both a local and national level. Live coverage of every round, in depth statistics, spectator friendly venues as well as a the Festival of the Flying Discs.
For more information about this partnership, please contact:
Sean Jack Taylor Prescott
VP Partnerships Promo & Event Sales Coordinator
Disc Golf Pro Tour Silipint, Inc.