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So you want to host a Pro Tour …

The Disc Golf Pro Tour is now in the middle of its third year. As the Disc Golf Pro Tour ​​ continues to grow, many events, venues, and
TDs are reaching out to see if they would be a good fit for a Pro Tour stop. In an effort to help better define to everyone what the Pro Tour brings to the table and what is asked of the events, below are some broad strokes as to what we do for each DGPT event and what we ask of each event.
The Disc Golf Pro Tour
The first four DGPT responsibilities (Video, Social, Articles, Podcasts) primarily focus on promotion of the event and sport. The Stats, Course Assets, and Standards help the professionalism of the event, while the Festival helps to give spectators an additional reason to come watch (and to bring their friends).

  • Video Coverage: Every Pro Tour event has live coverage. Currently this live coverage features one MPO card with edited footage from the FPO round earlier the same day. Additionally, the Pro Tour ensures that the lead and chase MPO cards as well as the lead FPO card have edited shot by shot coverage with commentary that comes out after the round. All of this video coverage is due to partnerships we have with SmashboxxTV , Jomez Pro , Central Coast , and the Disc Golf Guy .
  • Social Media: The DGPT employs a staff member who provides social media updates daily at Pro Tour events across our Instagram and Facebook pages. Highlight videos and player interviews are also posted to our YouTube and Facebook channels, giving a constant flow of engaging content.
  • Recap Articles: After each FPO and MPO round is completed, the DGPT posts a recap article within an hour of the completion of the round. We work hard to keep our fans engaged and to give them additional insight through our article and event recaps.
  • Podcasts: The Pro Tour now publishes two weekly podcasts. Pro Tour Talk is a weekly show that discusses the news of the Pro Tour, and generally interviews one player and then closes out with a discussion topic of the day. Our second podcast is titled Pro Files and features player interviews with Dixon Jowers that focus on the touring players outside of disc golf is released every Sunday morning.
  • UDisc Stats: In 2015, we reached out to UDisc to see if they had the ability to expand their app to include live stats for pro disc golf. From this conversation – UDisc Live was born. All Pro Tour events feature UDisc stats. In 2018 the PDGA added UDisc Stats to many of its premier events which gives us all even more stats to dive deep into.
  • Course Assets: At all Pro Tour stops the DGPT provides course assets that include water stations, tents, OB Walls, and raised baskets. Course assets serve a dual purpose of professionalizing the course while also promoting Pro Tour partners like ZUCA , Grip6 , GripEq , KEEN , , Stockton Discs, and Upper Park Designs .
  • On Site Assets: The Pro Tour provides many other on site assets including a 10×20 Scoring Tent and a 10×20 Women’s Hospitality Tent. Additionally, we provide flags for the 10 and 20 meter circles, a PA system, spectator barrier tape, OB paddles, a printer and plenty of practice baskets (in the form of the festival).
  • Event Standards: The DGPT has a list of standards to which an event must adhere, including staff, added cash, extra events, working with local visitor’s bureaus, parking, cell phone coverage and more. When an event fills out the 2019 Test Event Application , we provide a more comprehensive list.
  • Festival of the Flying Discs: The DGPT brings with it a festival atmosphere which encourages on-site attendance of Pro events. The success of the festival has been noticed and other tournaments are asking for us to bring the Festival to their events. You will see the Festival of the Flying Discs at Bowling Green, the Glass Blown Open and Pro Worlds to name a few. If you would like the DGPT Festival of the Flying Discs at your event, please email us to see if the scheduling will work.
  • Fundraising / Sponsorship Assistance: The Pro Tour provides many avenues for generating income including signage, ads on the live and edited broadcasts, social media posts, email newsletters and tons of media coverage. When we both succeed, we both succeed.

Events / Venues
Leading and hosting a Disc Golf Pro Tour event is no easy task. It is a labor of love that requires many hands and months of planning. Events are in charge of Administration, Tournament Staff, Course Maintenance, Course Assets, Caddy & Spectator Books, Registration, Local Promotion, and Fundraising. You can read about each in detail below:

  • Event Administration: Events are in charge of registration, payout, and tee times for Pro Tour events. The only thing the Pro Tour has control over is early registration access for touring pros, the determining of feature cards (with the assistance of the event TD) and should the event choose, the Pro Tour can handle payout. The Pro Tour has standards and expectations for each of these parts of event administration.
  • Tournament Staff: At this point in time the Pro Tour has four employees on payroll, as such, nearly all of the event staff is provided by the tournament. Tournament staff is not limited to the TD. There are also live scorers, crowd control, spotters, people who carry the leaderboard, and update the scoreboard to name a few. It takes a small army to put on a successful Pro Tour event. Without the staff provided by the tournament an event could quickly devolve into chaos. It is important to note here that as professional disc golf grows both the tournament staff and Pro Tour staff will grow to handle evolving event demands. We are constantly assessing the quantity and quality of the staff available at a tournament and providing suggestions for improvement in order to continue to put forth quality professional disc golf on a global stage.
  • Course Maintenance: While the Pro Tour often provides course suggestions based on UDisc Stats and playability, it is up to the event to implement these changes and make sure courses are prepared for the event. The Pro Tour arrives to the course five days ahead of the tournament to ensure all course assets are in place. At this time if there are any adjustments which need to be made prior to the event, we are able to speak with tournament staff to ensure those adjustments are made.
  • Course Assets: In addition to at least two bathrooms available from the course during the round (hole 1 and 10 for example), the event is responsible for mapping out the location of the following Pro Tour course assets: Four to six water stations, ZUCA Truss, two elevated baskets, four OB/Spectator walls.
  • Caddy Book, Spectator Guides: Events are expected to provide documentation (can be digital) for the players and spectators so that they know what to expect and how to best enjoy the event.
  • Registration and Event Schedule: The event, in coordination with the DGPT, puts together the registration and event schedules. This will include when registration opens, any additional reserved spots, tee times, feature cards, and the day to day events.
  • Local Promotion: The event is responsible to either work with the local visitor’s bureau (or similar) or spend $1500 on local advertising. We strongly encourage the former and our VP of PR is available to assist with this process.
  • Fundraising: We estimate that between the added cash ($10.5k in 2018), DGPT merch, course costs, staff support costs, insurance, parking, player parties and food, and more, that the event will need to raise between $20-$50K. We are able to help with this by providing locations for local sponsors to advertise as well as onsite crowds for events to tout.

We work together to plan and promote the events so that they are as good as they can be for the players, the spectators, and the sponsors. The success of the Disc Golf Pro Tour is truly a team effort. We are thankful for the support provided by each event on tour. Hopefully this has provided some additional insight into the expectations we place on the events on tour as well as the services we bring to the table when an event asks to become a Pro Tour stop.
2019 Test Event Application