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Stat of the Week: Zero Circle 2 Putts Made

Hole 3 at Eureka Lake, a fairly short hole, jumped out at me. There were no Circle 2 putts made. Out of 26 tries. Digging deeper, there were only two putts made from over 20 feet. Paul Ulibarri hit a 25 footers and Curtis Manahan hit a 21 footer.
Many players commented about the pin placement being so close to the water. When we look at the scoring distribution and the fact that there were 0 of 26 C2 putts hit, the pin placement is perhaps justified.

There were 32 birdies to 35 bogeys on this hole. Couple those with the 74 pars and you have an almost perfect split of scores. 25% better than par, 50% par, 25% worse than par. With an easier pin placement, we can presume that 6 of the C2 putts go in and more of the C1 putts also go in. This would lessen the ideal scoring distribution that already exists.

The players may not enjoy the pin placement, but from a scoring separation point of view, putting the pin close to the water was a good move. And those 0 C2 putts, is our UDisc Stat of the Week.