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Support the tour, grow your brand, look cool to your friends

4′ wide. 2′ tall. 10′ in front of the tee. Seen by everyone that watches. 100,000/day.

The great folks at Paragon Disc Golf have done it again. For most disc golf tournaments, tee signs are designed for the players to see them. Paragon realized that at Pro Tour events, most of the eyeballs see tee signs either thru the live stream, edited video, or the amazing photos.

For the Tour Championship, we will be creating 4′ x 2′ tee signs . After the event, you may pick up the sign at the course to keep. In the corner, it will have the hole number, par and distance and tournament info to complete it as a nice keepsake.

  • Get your business in front of a hundred thousand people per day
  • Support the Disc Golf Pro Tour
  • Increase your cool factor bigly

It’s a new world. It’s time for a new tee sign. Reserve yours today !