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Taking a Leap of Faith

This entire venture has been a leap of faith. Believing that we can put together a quality group of TDs to run great events at gorgeous venues, that we can provide
compelling live coverage, that we can display stats real time, that we can put together an amazing group of writers, setup, execute and breakdown a festival, and get enough eyeballs to make our partners happy. It is one leap of faith after another and the teams we have put in place are consistently making it happen.
There are plenty of hiccups, of course. They will be addressed and corrected. But today is a day of reflection for the entire team that made this event happen. From Dave and Sherry Roach who made the Fountain Hills course gorgeous – and then helped break it down, to Jeff Burns, one of the architects of the course who, after playing his first competitive event in over six years, wanted to come and help clean up afterwards, to Josh Barnhill who wants BOOOM to be a part of the Pro Tour and ended up spending close to two hours loading the trailer. It is a team effort all around.
More StatsThe UDisc team of Matt Krueger and Josh Lichti improved the software making it easier to use and the Smashboxx team added Gary to the O to put the stats on the live broadcast. With a few notable exceptions where players were mislabeled, they all did an amazing job of getting tons of stats on the screen – in real time! – during the broadcast. As we watch the players tee off, we knew their fairway percentages. We knew their putting percentages in Circle 2 when they were putting. We knew which holes were playing the toughest.
It was a stat fest the likes of which disc golf has never seen. And we are not going back! UDisc stats incorporated into the broadcast of DGPT events are here to stay! Not only that, but the UDisc team was off site which meant that they could trouble shoot when servers went down, when apps did not work, and when scoring anomalies happened. The number of stats served was well over 50% more than our highest total from last season. We are on the right path. Thank you for watching!
More CoverageWith a tremendous amount of coordination and planning, for three of the four rounds, we were able to edit in the morning (FPO) round into the afternoon MPO round. This improved our coverage in many ways and it could not have happened without the tremendous support and guidance of Jonny V at Smashboxx . Jonny spent hours with me reviewing exactly how this would need to be done (our first plan was insane!). In the end, it was very tight, but we managed to get the footage uploaded for inclusion in the nick of time. This allowed us to:

  • Broadcast every women’s round
  • Avoid the “shaky camera walking down the fairway”
  • Not burn through all of our pre-recorded assets right away

In addition to the amazing live coverage, we were blessed to have Central Coast Disc Golf, Prodigy Disc, and Jomez Productions producing amazing daily footage.
Better FestivalWith the invaluable help of Miles Parkhill of Paragon Disc Golf , we were able to execute the first ever Festival Tournament. After a few communication hiccups, the tournament got going and was tremendous fun for everyone. Congrats to Shayne Holley for being our first Festival Tournament Champion.
The games are much improved over last year (that’s what adding 11 baskets will do for ya!) Everyone loved the raffle afterwards, and much fun and happiness was successfully spread to all. We will continue to improve the festival at every stop. Lastly, Nite Ize’s Night Event, while not as heavily attended as we had hoped, was a joy to see and throw. The lit fairways and baskets were crazy fun and trying to throw along the rope light path seemed even more fun than throwing down a normal fairway. Thank you Nite Ize !
Quick Write-UpsWe brought on three staff writers: Baker Helton, Zach Podhorzer, and Jerry Roth. The goal was to have a complete event recap written, edited and posted within one hour of the final putt. We completed this task everyday. In the mornings, I would add photos and post them to social media. I personally enjoy write ups of the days happenings as part of my next morning routine and now, in addition to the great articles by Steve Hill at Ultiworld about the DGPT, we’ve got even more great reading. This team of writers, who are all donating their time and talents, are amazing. If you know them, thank them.
Continued Great PhotosWe brought on a new staff photographer this year, Rebecca Heiam. She will be at every stop and she is posting some amazing photos to our Flickr page . Additionally, she stepped up and created a couple of amazing slide shows to be utilized during Round 3. It was just another example of the team stepping up to make the event even better than we had hoped. We love and miss Lauren Lakeberg, but have found an awesome replacement for the 2017 season.
Please check out her photos and if you like them, like them.
Better Social MediaOne further side benefit of UDisc’s Matt Krueger being off site was that he stepped up extra big posting stats and pictures to social media. This kept those of us that like/follow the DGPT in the know and increased our viewer numbers.
The entire team stepped up and in many cases, went above and beyond what anyone could have asked. Thank you to everyone, including those who watched and enjoyed, for helping to make the season kick-off a huge success.