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The Future of Disc Golf: Tech Alley’s Cutting-Edge Tech Empowering Disc Golfers

By Nick Quargnenti

Welcome to Tech Alley, a cutting-edge on-site vendor activation at the OTB Open presented by MVP Disc Sports designed to help disc golfers enhance their game like never before. Disc golf has evolved into a highly competitive sport, demanding precision, skill, and strategic thinking, Tech Alley features a variety of businesses that aim to use the power of technology to provide new and experienced players with unparalleled training and improvement opportunities.

Through a conversation with Craig Kitchens, Founder of disc golf footwear company Idio Sports, we gained profound insight into the boundless possibilities presented by Tech Alley. This first-of-its-kind activation allowed collaboration between five emerging disc golf tech companies; Idio Sports, TechDisc, DiscAI, One Side, and Pure’d Disc Golf. Learn more about this exciting activation below and take a peak into the future of disc golf technology.

Inside Tech Alley:

Tech Alley was a free experience available to all attendees at the OTB Open. Here’s a breakdown of the different companies that were represented in Tech Alley this year: 

-Idio Sports: Idio Sports is a trailblazing disc golf footwear company dedicated to creating a shoe that fits the needs of the sport. Idio recognizes how today’s players require precision, power, and finesse in order to edge out their competition, and they are striving to bring innovation and quality to the feet of players around the world. Check them out here and follow them on Instagram!


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-TechDisc: On the other side of Tech Alley, you have TechDisc. Utilizing a small chip that attaches to a disc, they can read the user’s nose angle, spin rate, and throw trajectory, among other things. Taking all of these analytics into account, Tech Disc produces details to accurately represent the potential flight of the disc on a screen. Yet another way disc golfers can get valuable information and feedback on their game. Give them a follow on Instagram!


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-Pure’d Disc Golf: Pure’d is creating a digital disc golf community to help users connect with nearby players, coordinate opportunities to play, and their curated disc golf content fuels player improvement. Launching in the App Store this fall, Pure’d is dedicated to connecting disc golfers one round at a time, and lowering scores along the way. Check them out here and follow them on Instagram!

-Disc AI App: Disc AI is a disc golfing coaching platform now LIVE on the App Store! With Disc AI, you can access state-of-the-art coaching tools that will help you perfect your throws. The app features a first in its class AI analysis capability that allows you to improve your form like never before. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, Disc AI is the perfect companion for anyone looking to take their game to the next level. Give them a follow on Instagram!

A Unique Experience:

Tech Alley was a new experience that united pioneering tech companies that are making their mark on the disc golf landscape. The groundbreaking collaboration granted significant advantages to vendors and customers and also presented a unique on-site experience.

As Kitchens specified: “Tech Alley is the combination and collaboration of different products and brands who have come together to help new and experienced disc golfers improve their game. The synergy created by having these industry leaders under one roof is unparalleled, particularly during prestigious DGPT events like the 2023 OTB Open.”

By offering a distinctive experience, Tech Alley ensured that players and enthusiasts alike could partake in an exclusive journey.

Tech Alley’s Motivation:

Craig addresses the motivation behind Tech Alley: “It’s exciting to see the landscape of our sport evolve. Courses are more demanding, plastic manufacturing is in a constant state of development, and sports nutrition and fitness are finally proving their value to our players. Factors such as these are causing the level of play in our sport to skyrocket. Players are needing as many tools as they can get in order to edge out their competition.”

Improving and learning a new skill is always exciting. Being able to measure that improvement is even more rewarding. This is another prominent reason Craig is a founding member of Tech Alley: “At Idio Sports, we understand how people want a variety of things out of a shoe such as look, performance, and comfort. These are design points that Idio has always focused on. That said, I have always personally been more performance-focused, asking myself how can we design and build out better performance for the player out on the disc golf course.”

“We have worked with plenty of people today (the first day of the 2023 OTB Open), so what I can tell you is that the people who have gone through it, walk away from the experience knowing that they have actually been keeping their nose angle up, or not putting enough spin into the disc. Whether you purchase the product or not, you are walking away from this experience a better player.”

“We see users go through this with their regular shoes on, then we throw them in a pair of Idio shoes (Syncrasy’s) and we are seeing an average disc speed increase of 4-5 mph across the 3 day event. Michael Sizemore (TechDisc Engineer) calculates that to equal an additional 30 ft of added distance just by changing into Idio’s. We have reversed tested this as well by having the user start in Idios and end in their regular shoes and have seen the speed numbers decrease when going to their normal playing shoes. These speed readings are taken as an average of their throws combined so not just a one off smash. This is the perfect example of how Tech Alley is working together to bring its patrons proven results and seeing this happen real-time proves to me that having the right equipment can be the difference in taking home the big W.”

The Future of Tech Alley:

When asked about the future of Tech Alley, Craig had this to say: “I would really love to see this as Tech Alley’s inaugural event and making it a part of the pro tour stops moving forward. It introduces the customer to the incredible cutting-edge technology that is starting to show up in our industry, as well as zero in on that performance mindset that the player needs.

We would love to continue to provide this catered experience as one that people will want to show up to the events for in order to better evaluate their game. Like a mobile performance center. It’s something that the traditional golf world does at PGA events and is such a vital part of a golfers game that a good club fitter is someone who is extremely sought after. We are barely stepping into the simulator/data analysis side of disc golf I believe people will soon see the incredible value it provides and make the trip to DGPT events just for the Tech Alley experience.

“The PGA (Professional Golf Association) Store is gigantic – there are rows of booths and simulators where people could go in, book a time out with a coach, and then work on their form. At the same time, they go through a club fitting and get measurable data on their (traditional golf) form. With Tech Alley, this is what we are now able to provide for those who are interested in the world of disc golf.”

Written By: Nick Quargnenti (DGPT)