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SFO FPO: All cards filmed

At the inaugural San Francisco Open (SFO), we will be working hard to film every women’s card, every day. The goal is to create an awesome highlight reel that features all of the
women competitors and use this footage to help grow the women’s side of the game. When women and girls can picture themselves succeeding at disc golf, they will have an even greater desire to play.

Why San Francisco?

With the fantastic attention the women’s side of our sport has been getting over the past year, we have recently brought aboard Danielle Charlier . She is focused on growing the women’s side of the game at all levels and was instrumental in bringing this idea to fruition. When we presented the idea to Sean Jack, TD of the SFO, he quickly jumped aboard and is helping to make it happen.

With four to six volunteers each day, we should be able to capture every shot by every woman at the event. With UDisc, we will be able to find the best shots by each of these athletes and compile them into the greatest single event women’s highlight reel ever compiled.
Thank you to the Pro Tour team, the volunteers that will make this happen, and all of our fans for watching and supporting us as we continue to improve. Here we go!