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The 2015 Fantasy Tour Championship?

Over 1,000 people voted and Cale Leiviska came out on top. The fun thing? All five of these players have committed to playing on the 2016 Pro Tour, so we may get to see them compete in the 2016 Finals for reals. Although the 45 other players in the Tour Championship may have something to say about that!
Congratulations to Cale, if he is in the Top 48 after the final tour event, the Green Mountain Championship, his $200 Tour Championship fee will be waived.
Here’s to a great 2016! Are you going to WATCH?
Let’s take a trip down fantasy memory lane. Based on the Pro Tour Points structure and the 2015 finishes from Pro Tour events, the top eight players are Ricky Wysocki, Nate Doss, Cale Leiviska, Paul McBeth, JohnE McCray, Steve Brinster, Cam Colglazier, Cam Todd
Note: Simon Lizotte, for the purposes of this blog, was in Europe and unable to attend our fantasy finals.
After the exciting quarterfinal round (which was replicated with expectations and a few die rolls), the 9-16 spots are filled with Johansen, Koling, Sexton, Ulibarri, Locastro, Feldberg, Schusterick, and Rico, making our four semi-final match-ups:

  • Card 1: Wysocki, Todd, Johansen, Rico
  • Card 2: Leiviska, Brinster, Sexton, Feldberg
  • Card 3: Doss, Colglazier, Koling, Schusterick
  • Card 4: McBeth, McCray, Ulibarri, Locastro

Now, to advance to the Tour Finals, a player must either win their card or win the wildcard spot. The player with the most votes advances. Complete results are here .