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The Lucky Ones: Playing the Championship from outside the top

​Call it luck, call it skill, call it whatever you want, but these four players are going to be playing the Disc Golf Pro Tour after just barely missing the cut. How did they make it into the tournament? Players in the MPO division who were ranked 33-50 and 13-20 in the FPO division had the opportunity to be invited based on their tour standing finish to play in the Pro Tour Championship should a player above them be unable to attend.

As noticed in the previous two iterations of the Disc Golf Pro Tour Championship, players are unable to attend whether it be due to prior commitments, unforeseen circumstances, or injury. After a long season, things are bound to arise so having a plan to ensure a full tournament is key.

In the FPO division, we are only missing one player. Holly Finley qualified for the Pro Tour Championship, but due to some prior commitments that she was unable to move around, she will be unable to attend. Taking her place will be Tina Oakley who finished 13 in Disc Golf Pro Tour standings.

In the MPO division, three men qualified for the Tour Championship who are unable to attend due to prior commitments.

Emerson Keith was the first player who was unable to attend due to his prior commitments. Emerson’s spot would have gone to Philo Brathwaite but Philo also had prior commitments, so his place went to Devan Owens . This will be Devan’s third Disc Golf Pro Tour Championship in as many years. In 2016 Devan was unable to advance to quarterfinals, in 2017 Devan qualified and promoted into the quarterfinals round. Devan will be looking to go at least one step further this year and move from qualified to quarters to semis to continue his improvement streak.

Moving down the list, Michael Johansen was the next qualified player who is unable to attend the Disc Golf Pro Tour Championship. Filling in his spot will be Andrew Presnell . Andrew will be competing in his second DGPT Championship. Last year he had a bye to quarterfinals but was unable to capitalize. This year Andrew will be trying to make it in from the qualified stage. Regardless, he has the opportunity to compete in October, and that gives him a position as one of the lucky ones.

James Proctor is a school teacher in California. As such, he does not have the vacation days to attend the Disc Golf Pro Tour Championship all the way in Jacksonville, Florida. His spot would have gone to Bradley Williams but Bradley is also unable to participate, so the final place in the Disc Golf Pro Tour Championship would go to Cale Leiviska. However, Cale is now unable to make it so the last person in the championship will be Reid Frescura . You will remember Reid from his viral water-skip drive at Ledgestone . Reid qualified for the Tour Championship last year and was almost the cinderella story of the tournament (but he was upstaged by Dana Vicich). Reid made it from qualified to the semifinals in spectacular fashion. A few weeks ago Steve Dodge said on Pro Tour Talk he thinks Reid could make it to finals. He will definitely be one to watch to see if he can capitalize on his stroke of luck as the last person in the Tour Championship.

Things are ramping up towards the 2018 Disc Golf Pro Tour Championship. Make sure you have your bracket filled out, and you are ready to watch October 18-21st to see who will be crowned the 2018 Champion.

​Article written by DGPT VP of PR Seth Fendley