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Update Regarding DGPT Media at Waco

By Baker Helton
The round one post-produced coverage at the Waco Annual Charity Open is going to be delayed. Additionally, for the time being, we are turning off the live chat and the comments on our videos in support of our media team which is working hard and is not helped by the barrage of negative comments. The support we have gotten has helped us focus on the task at hand. Intermixed with the online criticism, we have received many messages with words of encouragement. We are working diligently to improve our media process, and we are not yet where we want to be. Thank you for the passion and care that you have for the sport, it is the reason we will succeed.

We are going to release the edited footage when it is ready and not hurry. The goal is to get the final product as good as we can. Once we have reached that point, we will release the edited shot by shot coverage and work to improve the efficiency of the process.

At the Memorial Championship, it became clear that pulling the video for post-produced coverage from the live stream was not high enough quality.  For The Waco Annual Charity Open, we switched to editing the footage directly from the SD cards. In making the switch, we had to adjust our process, and we failed in properly anticipating how the process would play out. We continue to make adjustments and improve. This means the post-produced coverage for at least round one will be delayed.

Update Regarding Live Coverage
At The Memorial Championship, we made great strides to improve the live broadcast after a rocky start with YouTube issues and a new crew. At the Waco Annual Charity Open, we have a new technical director due to our previous technical director being on vacation. With a new technical director comes a new set of processes. This resulted in a lack of advertisements during the day one coverage. We also encountered an issue with the Udisc Live graphics which we are working to resolve. As a result of today’s announcements we have chosen to disable the chat on the live video. Disabling the chat will allow for our commentators to focus on the commentary, our viewers to focus on the stellar play, and our moderators not being overworked dealing with negative comments that we have brought on ourselves. As always we are working hard to improve our processes, and we look forward to what is to come.