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Utah Open becomes first Pro Tour Affiliate Event

The Utah Open has been a ground breaking event since its inception. Jade Sewell, Mike Milne, the Waterdawgs and the entire Team Utah Open always push the envelope and 2019 will be no different. The Utah Open will be moving to the newest course in Ogden, The Fort. This is a par 62, 7400′ wooded Championship caliber course that will fit well in the Pro Tour plan.

Much like driving the lead foursome to the tee in a limo, this event has never lacked for courage. The Utah Open has phenomenal hospitality, with a great players party and multiple buffets. Team Utah Open is making a qualified bid for Pro Worlds in 2020. In preparation, the 2019 Utah Open will move the MPO/FPO course for the Utah Open to The Fort. The Pro Tour will be there to assess how the course plays. Having said that, the Utah Open will not be a Pro Tour event in 2019. We want to give Jade and crew an opportunity to prove that this course is a good change, modify it if necessary, and then look to a stronger future.

We are discussing bringing in the live video that you have come to expect at all Pro Tour events to demonstrate how closely we are working together to continue to push the sport forward. We look forward to seeing The Fort. There is even a rumor that Tour Director Steve Dodge will make the event his one PDGA event for 2019. If so, it is probably only because he wants to be treated as well as the Utah Open treats the players.

Here is to a great 2019, with the Utah Open as our first Pro Tour Affiliate Event.