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Utah Open: Fantasy Wrap-up

If you enjoy fantasy disc golf as much as I do then this weekend was an absolute nailbiter, players were slow to start on Friday, scoring was hard on Saturday and Sunday things
heated up quick. The wind on Saturday created horrible scoring conditions which saw many of the top pros finish below their average (Paul McBeth finished OVER par). In the Pro Tour fantasy leagues, there were a few people who did exceptionally well, and those people will be receiving prizes.
DGPT League

  1. Teo Flatland landed the top spot this week, choosing Eagle McMahon, Drew Gibson, Kevin Jones, and Ricky Wysocki in the MPO division and Catrina Allen and Paige Bjerkaas in the FPO division. All six players finishing in the top 10 in their division helped him reach a 1297 score and a DGPT Upperpark Drawstring bag.
  2. Brian Ritchie took second this week a full 37 points below Teo. Brian picked Ricky, Eagle, James Conrad, and Colten Montgomery in the MPO division and Catrina Allen and Paige Bjerkaas in the FPO division. Brian will be going home with a DD Umbrella for his efforts.
  3. Just three points behind Brian was Luke Vaughan. Luke chose Ricky, James, Kevin, and Drew for his MPO picks and Catrina and Jessica Weese for his FPO picks. This landed him with a 1257 score and DGPT Disc from our vault.
  4. Brian Thomas Jacobson was only one point away from tieing Luke. He did this by choosing Ricky, Eagle, Kevin, and Paul Ulibarri in the MPO division and Cat and Paige in the FPO division. He will not have to be too sad though because he will be going home with a pair of DGPT socks.
  5. Tero Idström tied Brian for the final spot. He chose a different set from Brian in the MPO division but his FPO choices were the same. Tero chose Eagle, Drew, Jerm, and Ricky for his MPO picks. The tie is broken on overall points so Tero will be going home with a DGPT Silipint.

Patreon League

  1. Andrew Gillespie brings home his first big win of the year, after winning a Grip bag earlier this season he now takes home the big prize, a DGA Mach Shift. He chose the same as the winner of the free league, making for the first time this season the free league will not beat the Patreon league in points. Andrew chose Eagle, Drew, Kevin, Ricky, Paige, and Cat making for a winning score of 1297.
  2. There was a tie for second, but as a Pro Tour employee, I’m not going to take a prize. Instead, we will go 1-6 this week. Ben Cockrel tied figuring out the same play I did, choosing Eagle, Ricky, Paul, Colten, Cat and Kona Panis. This allowed for a score of 1240 and a Prodigy BP-1 bag.
  3. Longtime Pro Tour supporter Chase Hayden came in third place this weekend. He chose the ace man himself, Sias Elmore, as one of his four MPO picks alongside McBeth, Eagle, and Drew. In the FPO division, he chose Catrina Allen and Jessica Weese. These picks netted him 1228 points and a pair of KEEN shoes. Be watching for bonus coverage from the Waco Charity Open thanks to Chase coming out in the next few weeks on the Disc Golf Pro Tour YouTube channel.
  4. Luke Berthot brought home the 4th place spot this weekend, with 1226 overall points for choosing Ricky, Eagle, Drew, and Double G in the MPO division alongside Paige and Cat in the FPO division. He will be going home with a Grip-C Bag for his efforts.
  5. Travis Lamberton gets the bonus win this weekend, taking home a set of DGPT Bobbleheads for choosing Ricky, Uli, Drew, Kevin, Cat, and Jessica.

Make sure you are signed up for our free fantasy league on (just go to “Join League” and type in DGPT) and consider supporting us on Patreon for $5 or more a month for a shot at all of our Patreon prizes .
Get your picks in for the next Pro Tour stop taking place in twelve days at Discraft’s Great Lakes Open. We will have live coverage each day starting with shot-by-shot FPO coverage at 2 PM ET and live MPO coverage at 3 PM ET. Tune in and watch !