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Viewership Numbers Continue to Grow

For the 2016 season, the coverage videos saw just over 1,000,000 views. It was a great milestone to reach. In 2017, we have almost twice as many events and we are starting
the year with fans who know what we are building. Our goal for 2017 total viewership is 3,000,000. In a previous article, we talked about how this is the greatest time ever to be a Touring Pro . I think that it is becoming abundantly clear that it is also the greatest time ever to be a spectator!
After our first event, admittedly a big one, we have over 500,000 views on coverage videos. In addition to Smashboxx TV providing the most watched live coverage we’ve ever seen, Central Coast Disc Golf , Prodigy Disc and Jomez Productions provided us with amazing edited footage of the tournament. These amazing camera guys and editors continue to step up their game each and every week with improved camera skills, graphics packages and hole reviews. Additionally, the PDGA helped drive thousands of people to the broadcast and UDisc statistics. Working together, we were able to put up what is possibly the biggest single coverage number disc golf has ever seen. Over 500,000 views!
Additionally, we were able to cover every round that both the lead men and lead women played. Last year, due to limited resources, we very rarely covered the women. This year, things will be different and we hope to cover the lead or featured card at every round of every event. 2017 continues to be The Year of the Woman in disc golf.
Now to brass tacks. Regarding live coverage, there are over 75,000 views on the live coverage videos. This is phenomenal, but these are not the numbers that are the most telling. There are three statistics that give a good sense of how well a live broadcast is performing: concurrent views, average time watched, and total minutes watched. Concurrent views shows year over year growth – are more people interested? Average time watched indicates the quality of the broadcast and how compelling the story is. Total minutes watched tells us our total reach and is the number to compare against other events and how many people see the commercials which pay for the whole venture.
Concurrent Views: 5,232. This is a 45% increase over our concurrent viewer high point of 3,600 last year. This is partly due to the great drama the players were providing, but it is also indicative of the improved broadcast and the fact that people were tuning in for longer periods of time.
Average Time Watched: 35:39. When you are watching a poorly produced show, or a show where you don’t care about the characters (or players or teams), then you don’t watch as long. Last year, our average time watched was just under 20 minutes (19:42). This was an improvement over the early days and it also improved from the beginning of the season to the end. Jumping up to over 35 minutes at our first event was more than we could have even hoped for. People are watching and caring and we are doing an okay job of putting a quality product out there.
Viewer minutes: 654,000. When compared to the Super Bowl’s 22 trillion viewer minutes, it seems small, but compared to last year’s peak viewer minutes of 284,000, it is more than double. We are on the right track as more people are watching and they are watching for longer periods of time. Kudos to the Smashboxx team, the incorporation of the ladies coverage, and the improved usage of the UDisc statistics. These are the foundation of our future success.
We will continue to learn and improve. Thank you for watching. The Waco Charity Open presented by Dynamic Discs starts this Thursday. Are you ready? Let’s Watch!