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Waco Annual Charity Open Event Preview Q&A

Leading up to the kickoff of the 2019 Disc Golf Pro Tour Season we will be going through a series of interviews with event TDs to learn more about their event and what to expect in 2019. Today we catch up with Waco Annual Charity Open TD Ryan Draper.

How old is the event?
This will be our 23rd year!

Did you imagine the event being one of the premier events in the world?
Yes, all the time! That was one my core goals when becoming a part of the WACO. It had been an NT and Super Tour event in the past and I had been a spectator before I even really played disc golf a lot. It was one of the many reasons I ended up deciding to put more time into the sport. The top touring players at that time made it look like so much fun.

What makes your event unique (course, atmosphere, side-events)?
We think we have a couple of things that set us apart from some of the other tournaments throughout the year.

  1. Course – Our course is a great mixture of big, park style holes and tight technical holes.
  2. Party – We like to think we throw a great party, where most everyone shows up and hangs out, even the pros. We host our party on an old historic suspension bridge!

Are there any new extras (off-site or on-site events) or changes to the event for 2019?
We are planning an even bigger W.A.C.O. Junior Championship tournament this year! Last year we had 27 junior players from ages 4 to 17! Our goal is to pass 40 players this year and we are excited for some of the touring players to visit them during their round!

We are also planning a flex start C-Tier tournament before the main tournament gets underway to provide a way for some of the players who otherwise wouldn’t be able to be a part of the tournament to play!

Are there any changes to the MPO course?
No, the course will be staying the same for 2019!

Are there any changes to the FPO course?
No, the course will be staying the same for 2019!

Has being a Disc Golf Pro Tour event helped you grow?
Being a part of the tour definitely jump-started our tournament back into the top pros’ rotation. We had been there before and knew we had a plan to get back to that point, but the opportunity to be a part of the DGPT quickly became the core of that plan, and didn’t disappoint!

Are there any particular shots/scores you remember from past events?
2017, final round, hole 5, Ricky Wysocki throws his tee shot O.B. He then throws from where his disc went out, about 30 feet down the fairway from the tee box, right on the edge of the woods with 40ft tall trees. He is basically re-teeing, throws a GIANT sky anhyzer roller to about 30-35ft and cans the putt to save a four. If you pull up the Jomez video from that round and go to the 25:40 mark you can listen to Jeremy Koling describe it as “and that’s just a 4 that you’ll never ever see again.”

How great is your staff? and Why?
We feel like our staff has to be one of the best in the game. We received the DGPT TD of the Year award a couple years ago, and that honor falls solely on the staff. Every year, we get so much help from the community who volunteer their time, sweat, and love of the game to us for several weeks. They go above and beyond and collectively bust their butts to make sure players and spectators remember our town in the most positive way. They genuinely love seeing the players here in Waco slicing up the course and enjoying themselves!