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WACO MPO Round 2: Koling is Rolling

On day two of any important tournament each player must balance their emotions and use their skills to either move up the leaderboard or slow their descent when
the road gets rocky. No tournament has been played and won with absolute perfection, even if our imaginations have deemed great feats in the sport of disc golf as divine moments. Fantastic moments in disc golf are, more often than not, a feeling that the fans and players are left with when the dust settles, the scorecard is turned in, and there are no more shots left to throw. The feature card on the second day of the Waco Annual Charity Open presented by Dynamic Discs was Jeremy Koling, Ricky Wysocki, James Conrad, and Dave Feldberg.
In an era where every child gets a trophy there was an occurrence that happened at the Waco Annual Charity Open presented by Dynamic Discs that screamed conviction. Call it digging deep, perseverance or even resolve – today’s honorable mention was the meteoric rise of Nikko Locastro! Before round one Locastro was involved in an automobile accident that delayed him from a prompt start. Unfortunately he incurred penalty strokes on the first four holes, finishing the day eight over par and seemingly out of the hunt. Perhaps many other players may have given up, but not Nikko. He worked a deficit into a blazing turnabout consisting of eleven birdies and two eagles to transform his total to four under par for the tournament and making the biggest move of the day, sliding him into 21st place from 73rd. Perhaps a telling statistic is his parked rating at 44%.
James Conrad showed once again a great performance. His long hair blew in the wind today throwing shots that seemed to stay as straight as an arrow, a game reminiscent of another great long-haired player, Michael Johanson. Today Conrad played inspirational golf carding a nineteen under par and placing fourth to tie with Gregg Barsby.
Barsby, the great veteran player, managed to sneak onto the lead card for the final day with a phenomenal round carding a nine-under par with 10 birdies and a lone bogey. Clearly, he intends to restore his place as one of the top professionals in the game and aims to prove it on the final day.
Simon Lizotte is the definition of a solid player! Maybe it’s the bravado of youth or his willingness to do whatever it takes to stay in the hunt, but Lizotte is playing some of the best disc golf of his young life. presence of mind to know when to risk it all or let off the gas has reached a fevered pitch. He has scrambled at an inhuman rate of (100%) with the addition of near perfection in circle 1 putts, making 94% . His level of technical prowess on the course makes you wonder where he might be now if he had never stepped out last year due to injury.
Jeremy “Big Jerm” Koling started his day in first place with only a one stroke lead over the one of the toughest competitors in the game today, Ricky Wysocki. Day two possessed all the drama that disc golf fans have come to expect. A game of chess broke out on the course between he and Wysocki and neither are a stranger to battling for a lead. With every blow that Wysocki delivered, Koling stepped up to answer back in kind. Watching Koling play today was like watching the evolution of a champion. Although he is known for his bubbly personality, there was a steely determination in his demeanor as he attacked “the bEast” during round two. Even as wind or slight miscalculations veered his disc away from a basket, he only gave into his emotions sporadically. Jeremy stood apart from the pack and went for the aggressive line across the water on the last hole of the day and made it safely, but splashed his eagle putt off the basket moments later. Koling showed that he is willing to take chances and means to win this tournament.
For the final day of the Waco Annual Charity Open presented by Dynamic Discs the lead card will be Jeremy Koling (-22), Ricky Wysocki (-21), Simon Lizotte (-20), and Gregg Barsby (-19). The second day showed a lot of back and forth volleys from Koling and Wysocki. On the final day and second stop of the Disc Golf Pro Tour expect the pros to leave nothing on the field as the top professionals in the world give it their all and slug it out for the victory. Reserve your seat for the best disc golf in the world as we go live again at 3:30 PM eastern and as always, follow stats and scores on UDisc Live .