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Wall to Wall Coverage

The last few years the Memorial Championship presented by Discraft , has given us consistently amazing finishes . This year, for the first time ever, we will be
able to watch live coverage of the men’s lead card with edited coverage of the women’s lead card from earlier in the day sprinkled in. This means that every round we will get to watch the best men and women in the world compete for one of the most coveted prizes in disc golf.
This live coverage, provided by the creative geniuses at Smashboxx TV, will be supplemented with tons of stats from UDisc, as well as insightful commentary from Terry Miller. When the lead card is throwing, they will be broadcasting. The live broadcast starts at 4:00 PM EST every day of the event, Wednesday (March 1st) thru Saturday (March 4th).
Between Smashboxx TV, and the DGPT crews coming to cover the event, there are over 80,000 subscribers on YouTube. This will be one of the most filmed – and most watched – disc golf events in history.

Prodigy Disc Prodigy Disc will be providing edited shot by shot coverage of the tournament as well. With close to 15,000 subscribers and well over 100,000 views of their coverage of the Tour Championship Finals last year, we are very excited to again be partnering with Prodigy Disc and Marty McGee.

Central Coast Disc Golf CCDG , courtesy of MVP Disc Sports , will also be at the Memorial Championship presented by Discraft. The CCDG crew will be covering the men’s feature card in Round 1 and lead card in Round 2. In Rounds 3 & 4, they will be covering the lead women’s card. Not only will we be utilizing edited coverage of the women’s rounds during the live broadcast, with CCDG and MVP Disc Sports, we will also be getting full round edited coverage of the women. For disc golf, 2017 is shaping up to be the year of the woman .

Jomez ProductionsLast but not least, Jomez Productions will also be on site. Jomez will be covering secondary cards in the MPO division until the final day, when their three camera coverage is unleashed on the men’s lead card. We look forward to watching amazing battles all week, but we genuinely hope their three camera coverage captures the raw emotion a tight championship battle of this stature can bring out. What an amazing line up of video media!
But wait, there’s more!After the event is complete, Jomez will be producing an event recap show which will be released the Sunday between events. This event will feature the greatest shots from the tournament, will try to convey the sense of desire and urgency among the players, relive some of the fun (which usually happens off-camera) segments of the tournament, and give us a show that we can share with our friends and neighbors. This show is our first attempt at creating a disc golf show that will one day be broadcast television ready.
Clearly we will need to improve the product significantly, but this will be our second step (the first step was the 2016 season and making sure we could pull this off). The third step is to polish the show, develop a format that works, and get more eyeballs watching. As those things all come together, the next step will happen naturally as mainstream sports start to see what it is that we are developing.
Are you ready for some disc golf!?!?!?!?
Let’s watch.