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What To Expect as a DGPT Spectator

By Michelle Springett

Article written by: Michelle Springett – DGPT Communications Coordinator

Being a first-time Disc Golf Pro Tournament spectator was an exciting experience. I had always wanted to go to a tournament in person but had never been able to catch one when the tour came nearest me.  I wasn’t sure what to expect as a DGPT spectator, but there are so many tour stops and you won’t want to miss out!

I’m Michelle, a Recent First Time Disc Golf Spectator

I started playing disc golf and watching the live coverage of tournaments in 2020, and I have been watching post-production since 2017. But even watching the events live did not prepare me for seeing them played live and in person for the first time earlier this year. It was an entirely new experience. I started working for the Disc Golf Pro Tour this year as a Communications Coordinator and have loved every minute! I get to engage with the fans via newsletters and articles. I also have had the fantastic opportunity to watch some of my favorite players play live on tour, like Ohn Scoggins, Ella Hansen, Calvin Heimburg, and Matt Orum.

Kristin Tattar Champions Cup

My First Tournament Experience

I attended my first tournament, the Champions Cup, in Appling, Georgia in April of this year. It was exciting to be around people like me who also love disc golf, and it enriched my sense of the local and worldwide disc golf community. Getting to talk and engage with fellow fans and tournament volunteers was incredible. Some were local, and a few had even traveled hundreds of miles to watch the tournament in person.

Getting there and navigating the course was easier than expected. I got into the park quickly and followed all the signs pointing toward the action. There is a ton of signage and helpful volunteers to help you get to where you need or want to go.

I was able to walk up and catch the feature MPO card tee-off: Chris Dickerson, Isaac Robinson, Paul McBeth, and Calvin Heimburg. It’s impressive to watch these pros in person. The distance they can throw their discs is astonishing. Even if you’ve watched their live coverage, seeing them in person is a whole different experience. The sound of the discs leaving their hands was so loud it gave me chills. I wasn’t sure what to expect as a DGPT spectator, but I was glad to discover that it was so much fun!

What to expect as a DGPT spectator

Some Advice to First-Time Spectators

What to expect as a DGPT spectator is to be outdoors for all of the day. For those who have yet to go to a tournament and are headed out for their first in-person tournament, here is some advice to help you enjoy the day.

Wear closed-toed shoes and bring a chair.

While walking around the courses, you can trip over plenty of roots, and there have been plenty of injuries for spectators wearing sandals. Plus, in some wooded areas, some snakes can bite.
There are plenty of small foldable chairs you can bring to the course if you plan to stay at one of the holes to watch all of the rounds. Or bring a small tripod chair with you that can be easily carried from hole to hole if you are following a card.

What To Expect as a DGPT Spectator

Bring bug spray and sun tan lotion.

A lot of these courses are in wooded areas. That means mosquitos, ticks, and all the fun creepy crawlers that can bite you. Bug spray will help keep the bugs away from you and prevent Lyme Disease! Also, you will catch plenty of rays on the course, so sun tan lotion will help protect you from burns and melanoma.

Bring Water.

Heading into the hot Summer months drinking water is a necessity, so remember to drink plenty of water! Dehydration is no fun, and passing out means you will miss all the action happening on the course. There is water available for purchase, but it’s always a good idea to bring some with you.

Wear Comfy Clothes.

Make sure to dress comfortably for a day out on the disc golf course, as you should expect plenty of walking. Opt for clothes that won’t cause chafing or blistering, allowing you to enjoy your game without discomfort. It’s important to prioritize comfort over fashion when dressing for a day out on the course.

What to expect as a DGPT spectator

Don’t bring a camera unless you have a media credential.

Of course, you can bring your phone and take photos, but don’t bring a camera unless you’ve received a media credential from the DGPT prior to the event. These credentials are typically reserved for members of the local or national media, or for folks covering specific players and groups (such as DGPT media partners like JomezPro, Gatekeeper Pro, Ace Run Pro, and GK Pro.) If you want more information, you can check out our media policy to learn more about media and the DGPT.

Don’t try to interact with the competitors while they play.

Looking to get some face time with some of the competitors? That’s great! After each round, the competitors can head to the autograph booth to sign discs, take pictures and chat with fans. Please only try interacting with the competitors if they engage with you during the round. It’s distracting and can throw them off their game.

There are even opportunities to get autographs on Autograph Thursdays! Before or after the competitor’s last round, they can head to the DGPT autograph booth to interact with fans. Thursdays are ticketed spectator days, and you can purchase tickets through our Eventbrite Page.

Kat Mertsch Autograph Booth

Find all the essential tournament information.

Looking for all the critical information on the event you have tickets for? Check out to find all the vital information you need, like spectator maps, tee times, locations, and dates.

Have Fun!

Most fun wins! Have a great time and enjoy yourself! Be respectful to the tournament staff, players, other spectators, and volunteers. Also, try to be courteous to the other spectators on the course and not block any views so everyone can enjoy the action!

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