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Who are these guys? New names popping up.

There have been many gratifying moments to getting the Pro Tour started. One of those moments was sitting down and looking at the standings and realizing that there are 10 players in the top 30 who made a bigger commitment to playing disc golf professionally because of the Pro Tour. That has been one of the goals of the Pro Tour from the very beginning and to each of you we give thanks.
Before the start of the season, I predicted that there would be names that we had not seen on tour popping up and doing well. The Pro Tour gives them a platform, a geographically sensible tour, and an ability to make a living. These players are building their brand and getting paid to do it.

James Conrad is clearly the poster boy. With one event remaining, he is in 7th place, about to earn a bye into the Semifinals, and one great round away from playing in the Finals, the single richest round in disc golf history.

James has been a very good regional pro in the Mid-Atlantic for many years. The Pro Tour encouraged him to step up his game, practice a little bit more, and put together the mental side of his game. The results? Over four Pro Tour events, he has earned $5,000. Over the previous 12 years of PDGA events, he had earned less than $10,000 total. He is performing like a professional and will showcase his abilities even more at the Pro Tour’s final two events: Discraft’s Green Mountain Championship and the Tour Championship.

And it is not just James that stepped up. Allen Hermosillo, Dutch Napier, Dustin Keegan, Shasta Criss and even Matt Dollar who is now touring in a wider path, have all stepped up to be Tour players. They are all in the top 20 and will easily quality for the Quarterfinals. Expanding to the top 30, Paul Oman, Nate Perkins, Sam Henderson, and AJ Risley all jumped on the Pro Tour, competed in each event, and are having enough success to put themselves in position to qualify for the Tour Championship Quarterfinals.

​Here’s to a great finish to each of your seasons. We will be watching.

Watch it go down live:

  • September 15-17: Discraft’s Green Mountain Championship
  • September 17-18: Tour Championship

You can watch live on Smashboxx TV , our Facebook or YouTube page, or on our newly designed website .