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USDGC Announces Live Broadcast PPV Packages, Disc Golf Network to Produce Broadcast with Discounts for Subscribers

Rock Hill, SC – August 11, 2021: The United States Disc Golf Championship has partnered with the Disc Golf Network to execute its pay-per-view live broadcast for the 2021 edition of the PDGA Major championship. The Disc Golf Network has locked in a 20% discount to the tournament broadcast packages for its subscribers, and the broadcast will stream exclusively on the Disc Golf Network platform and through its apps for those who purchase it.

As was the case for the 2020 USDGC, the live broadcast will be the exclusive way to watch the Championship. However, Disc Golf Network will produce bonus features including, interviews, player features, highlights, and condensed versions of the live coverage that will be available the next day after each round concludes. This additional content will supplement the live coverage and will be available for all those who purchase a pay-per-view package. 

The USDGC has been a trailblazer in developing media advancements for the sport, and the partnership with the Disc Golf Network is the next step in the evolution of the event. 

“Live tournament coverage originated at the USDGC. For more than two decades we have sought to continually improve the fan experience, both at Winthrop and online for fans around the world. Our partnership with DGN is groundbreaking as we are combining resources to assemble one of the most talented media teams in disc golf tournament history,” Jonathan Poole said, USDGC event director and co-founder of US Disc Golf. 

“The financial support from fans via the pay per view format is an investment in the future of disc golf media. Our efforts each October have had a positive and lasting impact on live disc golf broadcasts well beyond the USDGC itself. The game deserves the best and most complete coverage that we can possibly provide. We are constantly in pursuit of better.”

Viewers who purchase the pay-per-view package will have two options; the Fan Pass or the Gold Pass.

  • Fan Pass: $25
    • 4 days of live coverage of USDGC and Throw Pink Women’s Championship
    • Exclusive access for 30 days following the event
    • Exclusive access to DGN bonus content throughout the week
    • Exclusive access to condensed next-day coverage
    • 20% discount for DGN Subscribers & US Disc Golf Members
    • US Disc Golf membership 2021-2022 (through October 2022)
  • Gold Pass: $100 (Only 500 available)
    • 4 days of live coverage of USDGC and Throw Pink Women’s Championship
    • Exclusive access for 30 days following the event
    • Exclusive access to DGN bonus content throughout the week
    • Exclusive access to condensed next-day coverage
    • One exclusive USDGC Commemorative Golf Disc
    • Official USDGC Commemorative Coin
    • $10 Gift Card to DGU, the Official USDGC Online Pro Shop
    • US Disc Golf membership 2021-2022 (through October 2022)

“We’re thrilled to join the USDGC media team to produce a live broadcast for one of the sport’s most prestigious and important events,” said Jeff Spring, DGPT CEO & Director. “This is a special event to me personally, as I know it is for many in the disc golf world. We’re so pleased to bring it to the Disc Golf Network platform, a move that delivers a 20% discount for our DGN subscribers and allows them to watch through their preferred app platforms, a benefit for an event that we were not able to offer in the past.”

The 2021 USDGC takes place October 6-9 at the historic Winthrop Arena Course in Rock Hill, South Carolina. Pay-per-view packages are now available to purchase at


How soon will content be available to watch after the broadcast is complete?

The live coverage will be available as soon as it is done transcoding. This typically takes the length of the broadcast to complete. In an effort to expedite this timeline we have split the uploads into Front and Back videos, this typically results in the front being available close to the completion of the broadcast and the back being available within 3 hours of the completion of the broadcast.

Additionally, we will be providing next-day post-production as part of the PPV package. We expect FPO to be ready for viewing first thing the next morning and MPO to be available right before the next day’s broadcast.

How do I purchase the USDGC Pay-Per-View?

  • Navigate to and then scroll down to the bottom of the page to purchase the USDGC Pay-Per-View package of your choice.
  • Alternatively, you can access the packages through these two links: Gold Level and Fan Pass
  • Pay-Per-View products can only be purchased on the web, but you will be able to use the apps to view the USDGC once it goes live. 

How do I watch the USDGC Pay-Per-View?

  • Since the USDGC is a live Pay-Per-View event, content will be made available to view on the Disc Golf Network website and apps when the broadcast goes live. Content will be available for re-watch as soon as the live broadcast is finished transcoding into a video.
    • The Disc Golf Network app is currently available for download on iOS, Android, FireTV, Roku, AppleTV, and XBOX. 
    • To help speed up the transcoding process the broadcast VOD will be split into Front and Back videos. By splitting the round into two videos the Front portion will be ready for viewing roughly when the round ends and the Back to be finished transcoding within two-three hours of the completed round. 

Can I get a refund for my purchase?

  • If for some reason you are unable to watch the USDGC and would like a refund for your purchase, refunds will be available for the Fan Pass until the start of the tournament. 
    • Due to the products associated with the Gold Level Package, refunds are not available for that tier. 
  • To request a refund reach out to Disc Golf Network support directly: Contact us – Disc Golf Network.
  • Once the event has started, refunds will not be issued. 

[Gold Pass ONLY] – When do I receive my disc and commemorative coin?

  • The USDGC will reach out to you directly via email to gather the information needed to send you your disc and commemorative coin. This will happen after the event.