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DD Open & The Challenge at Goat Hill COVID-19 Designated Phase 1 Events

By Jeff Spring

The Disc Golf Pro Tour has finalized that Phase 1 of the DGPT COVID-19 Policies & Best Practices will be in effect at both the Challenge at Goat Hill (Silver Series, June 18-20) and the Dynamic Discs Open (Elite Series, June 24-26). Going forward, the DGPT plans to give events final Phase designations two weeks before they begin, but reserve the right to delay if conditions on the ground are in flux.

Read below for an overview of what a Phase 1 event will look like. The DGPT plans to confirm the planned phase for The Preserve Championship (July 3-5) on Friday, June 19.

COVID Policy & Best Practices Overview

The following provides an overview of the Policies & Best Practices that will be in place for the Challenge at Goat Hill and the Dynamic Discs Open. Both events will be operating in Phase 1 of the DGPT COVID-19 Policies & Best Practices Document. The complete policy is being provided to the competitors, media, staff, and volunteers.

DDO Specifics

In regards to the DDO, currently, Kansas is allowing groups of 45 or less to gather. This puts the event in Phase 1 of the DGPT COVID-19 Policies & Best Practices

COVID-19 Policies & Best Practices Phase 1 Overview:

  • Event Site Entry & Protocols
    • Event Site Protocols will be begin 2 days prior to the first round of the competition through the final day of the event.
    • Event Protocols are in place for all persons entering the event site and consist of the following:
      • All persons are asked to limit arrival time to no sooner than 30 minutes before their tee time or the start of their shift (staff/volunteer/media). All staff and media may ensure they have enough time to prepare on site. 
      • All persons will be stopped and asked to present their event ID badge (or to provide ID and pick up their event badge). 
      • All persons must speak to the entry site staff and show no visible symptoms of respiratory illness (coughing or visibly ill).
      • All persons must affirm that they have not had any symptoms of respiratory illness and that they have not been in contact with anyone with COVID-19 symptoms for the past 10 days.
      • All persons are asked to depart the event site no later than 30 minutes after their round/shift. 
        • If persons wish to remain on site longer, they must request specific permission to spectate post round/shift.
  • Testing & Tracing Program Active
    • Full Policy provided to Competitors, Staff, Volunteers and Media.
    • Testing required for any persons entering event sites with signs, symptoms or recent contact (past 10 days) with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19.
    • Contact tracing program implemented and managed by the DGPT.
    • Any needed COVID-19 testing provided for free for all event persons at the DD Open via the Lyon Country Board of Health.
  • Social Distance 
    • Social Distancing of 2 meters will be enforced.
    • This includes no physical touching of any other person, their equipment, or their personal items.
    • PDGA Rule, Courtesy 812, in effect and the following additional language will be added and applied in Phase 1 & 2 of DGPT events:
      • “Players must not violate the social distancing policy of 2 meters without a mask on”
  • Limited Field of Competitors
    • Foursomes maximum, threesomes recommended*
      • *This part of the Phase one policy has been loosened since initial announcement
  • No Caddies
  • Face Coverings
    • All persons must carry a face covering at all times. 
    • All persons must wear a face covering when indoors.
    • When outside and able to social distance, a mask will be strongly recommended but not required.
    • When outside and where social distancing of 2 meters is not possible, all persons must wear a face covering. 
      • Please note: Face coverings may be required around certain tee areas. 
    • All on-course staff and volunteers are required to wear face coverings while engaged in communication with players or each other. 
  • Spectators Prohibited
      • Please note: If event staff, volunteers, media, or competitors wish to remain on site past their shift to spectate, they may request approval to do so. All persons staying on site to spectate must stay away from tees and greens and stick to designated areas to view the competition. 

Best Practices

  • Practice good hygiene
  • Use hand sanitizer
    • Hand sanitizer provided on each tee
  • Disinfect surfaces
    • Disinfectant spray bottles provided throughout the courses
  • Wash your hands before and after your round
  • Wear a face covering at all times