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Disc Golf Pro Tour Acquires JomezPro

By Charles McCracken

For Immediate Release: 

Disc Golf Pro Tour Acquires JomezPro

May 2, 2023: The Disc Golf Pro Tour (DGPT) and JomezPro are pleased to announce a major development in their long-standing partnership. 

After six years of successful collaboration, the two parties have reached an agreement that will allow the DGPT to acquire JomezPro. JomezPro will continue to provide free next-day post-produced YouTube coverage of DGPT Elite, Elite+, Playoff events, and a majority of PDGA Pro Majors on the JomezPro YouTube channel. This agreement will allow the DGPT to recapitalize and strengthen JomezPro to support the progression of the coverage fans know and love and to expand a non-competition content slate. 

Under the new agreement, JomezPro’s Founder and CEO, Jonathan Gomez, will become President of the JomezPro Brand and continue to lead from a creative standpoint, while the DGPT team will manage administrative operations and help to oversee business development. 

“JomezPro and the DGPT have always shared a vision for disc golf growth,” said Jonathan Gomez, JomezPro CEO and Founder. “This partnership allows us to focus on our strengths and expand our content slate while receiving needed support to actualize our vision. By combining resources, we can attract new fans and continue investing in the sport’s development, taking a significant step forward together.” 

“JomezPro has been a crucial element of DGPT’s core media strategy since our management team began leading the tour in 2019,” said Jeff Spring, DGPT CEO and Tour Director. “The complement of DGN’s live coverage and Jomez post-produced coverage has created a multifaceted experience for fans of the sport and helped to stimulate growth and exposure for disc golf at the professional level. Our renewed investment in JomezPro continues our goal of reaching new audiences and provides direct support for future content development. We’re excited to collaborate and utilize DGPT resources to foster continued innovation, and we’re thrilled to work hand in hand with Jonathan and the JomezPro team.”

This landmark agreement, which has been in the works since the close of the 2022 season, was a key part of JomezPro adding FPO lead card coverage for the 2023 season. While the JomezPro team will continue to lead the creative direction of their post-produced coverage, the DGPT has provided additional capital and taken up supporting roles in media operations to increase bandwidth and ensure four post-produced videos a day this season. “The Disc Golf Network media team and JomezPro have already taken steps to integrate and support each other this season,” said DGPT Media Operations Director Sam Gaddes. “The addition of the JomezPro team will only help the continued improvement and elevation of our live product. We’ve aspired to work as one team, and this deal has allowed us to take a huge step forward in maximizing efficiency and delivering more content to disc golf fans. ” 

For more information on the future of JomezPro’s Patreon community, merchandise plans, and content slate, check out the DGPT’s Q&A article. To hear more from Jonathan Gomez on how this deal fits into the history of JomezPro, read his letter to subscribers.


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