2023 DGPT Industry Conference

February 15 - February 17

Tucson, AZ

Growing Together

This year’s program will focus on smart growth in the disc golf industry with opportunities for leaders both inside and outside the sport to come together to learn, network and identify new opportunities collectively.


Tickets Include:

  • Access to the conference’s educational sessions (see below)
  • Networking opportunities with working professionals in the disc golf industry
  • Access to free media day at All-Star course on Wednesday 2/15
    • Shoot commercials, photography, social clips & other content before the season!
  • Access to the DGPT All-Star Weekend (Friday 2/17 – Sunday 2/19)
  • Exclusive hotel rates (see registration page here)
  • Several meals during the conference (see below)


Don’t miss a fundraiser breakfast for the Paul McBeth Foundation on Friday morning! Hear from Paul about the Foundation’s work and upcoming projects. Join us in supporting philanthropic work in disc golf. This breakfast costs an additional fee that will go towards the Paul McBeth Foundation. Register here.



Keynote Speakers Announced

In addition to the regular speaker sessions throughout the day on Thursday and Friday; attendees will have the opportunity to attend keynote sessions on Wednesday and Thursday night, and Friday morning.

Speakers Time Slot Description
Jeff Spring, Christine Jennings, Sara Nicholson, Sarah Hokom, Todd Rainwater Wednesday Evening | Alongside Welcome Banquet Hosted by DGPT CEO Jeff Spring, the conference will begin with a banquet accompanied by a multi-part part keynote focused on the industry’s growth featuring a discussion on Women’s disc golf  
Pat Govang, Steve Dodge, Jeff Spring Thursday Morning | After Breakfast Join us at the start of Thursday for a discussion about growing disc golf through collaboration & sportsmanship. 
Andrew Zimmern Thursday Evening | After Industry Scramble  Join celebrity chef Andrew Zimmern to hear how he discovered a love for disc golf and his perspective on growth in the industry and media opportunities.
Jeff Spring Closing Keynote | Friday, Mid Day Where we are, where we’re going, and how we grow together


More Speakers

Speaker(s) Topic Session Description
Jeff Spring (Host) (Tour Director, DGPT)


Charlie Eisenhood (Disc Golf Media Expert, Disc Golf Network & Ultiworld Disc Golf)

Jonathan Gomez (CEO, Jomez Pro)

Terry Miller (The Disc Golf Guy)

Disc Golf Media Panel Listen to leaders in disc golf media share their insights into what goes into making the highest level media production on Tour, with an eye to future development. Discussions will include equipment, budget, logistics, talent, and delivering a desirable final product. This panel will give each speaker 20 minutes to discuss their journey, perspective, and vision for disc golf media in the coming years, before a Q&A and discussion.
Steve Dodge (Owner, Maple Hill Disc Golf) Entrepreneurship in Disc Golf A disc golf life. How and why we need to push the sport.
Jeff Spring (Host) (Tour Director, DGPT)


Steve Brinster (Elite Course Designer)

John & Dee Houck (Elite Course Designers)

Leonard Muise (Elite Course Designer)

Elite Course Design Panel Learn about elite-level course design from some of the world’s most renowned designers. 
Danny Corbett – (Owner, OTB Discs)


Alan Barker – (Owner, Infinite Discs)

Zach Parcell – (Owner, Powergrip)

National Retail The origin story of three successful disc golf retailers. Dive into what makes a successful national brand and how to maintain market share despite a highly dynamic industry landscape. Learn about how can suppliers get their products into major stores and get a peak at what the future holds for disc golf retailers.
Seth Fendley (Brand & Team Manager, Latitude 64)


Jackie Morris (Events Coordinator, Dynamic Discs)

Nate Heinold (President of PDGA Board of Directors)

Jeff Spring (Tour Director, DGPT)

DGPT Events Panel Join DGPT Operations Staff and seasoned DGPT Tournament Directors to hear about the future of DGPT event development. Get insight into what makes events work at the highest level and innovations that we plan to make to reach new heights. The discussion will include base-level requirements for venues, best practices for preparation, and how to pull it all together to execute the event. Panelists will speak for 15 minutes each about their own experiences before a Q&A and discussion with session attendees.
Steve Abreu (Partner, Trademark Chair at Sunstein Law)  Intellectual Property Law & Disc Golf A presentation on the many brands, designs, and products in the disc golf industry that are eligible for IP protection and discuss how IP rights can be licensed for money or enforced in the event of an infringement. 
Charlotte Crabtree (E-Commerce Expert at Shopify) E-Commerce in Disc Golf Learn how you can use Shopify to drive retail sales online. 
Zac Kuykendall (Host) (Marketing Director, DGPT)


Danny Voss (Marketing Director, PDGA)

Christina Lee (Social Media Manager, Jomez Pro)

Jo Henderson (Disc Golf Social Media Expert)

Disc Golf Social Media Panel Hear from the PDGA, Jomez Pro, and other social media marketers in the disc golf world. These industry leaders will share their insights on crafting a successful content strategy, managing a brand image on social media, and making a splash in the digital world.
Sean Jack (Host) (VP of Partnerships, DGPT)


Bruce Kinnee (President, ZUCA)

Kevin Rogers (Creative Director, Grip6)

Michael Sizemore (Senior Engineering/R&D Manager, Bushnell)

Non-Endemic Equipment in Disc Golf Panel Adapting non-endemic products to the Disc Golf industry

  • Redesigning products to attract disc golfers
  • Establishing a new brand for a new audience
  • Sponsorship best practices
  • Managing the pandemic surge
  • The future of disc golf growth
Ty Tannatt (Host) (Retail Manager, DGPT)


Kyle Deck & Joseph Phillips (Another Round Disc Golf)

Ryan Vann (Owner, Flight Factory Discs)

Charles Hutchinson (Owner, Gotta Go Gotta Throw)

Regional Retail: Connecting to Local Markets What is working on the regional retail level, from brick & mortar to e-commerce. Why are these relationships important to manufacturers and local clubs and players alike. How can stakeholders maximize and help grow relationships with regional retail shops.
Jesse Stedman (Founder, Trash Panda Disc Golf) Sustainability in Disc Golf A conversation about making things worth making and sustainable strategies for disc golf companies investing in the future of our sport.
Andi Young (Executive Director, Disc Golf Hall of Fame)


George Sappenfield (Assistant Executive Director, Disc Golf Hall of Fame) 

Non-Profits in Disc Golf Developing a nonprofit organization in the DG industry: 

  • 501c3 Requirements: everything you need to know
  • Defining your nonprofit’s mission statement
  • Marketing and Branding
  • Appoint the board of directors
  • Identify partners
  • Build support within your community
  • Name change


Updated Schedule of Events

Conference: Wednesday – Friday | All-Star Event: Friday – Sunday

Wednesday, February 15th 

Time (MT) Event Description
9:30 AM – 2:00 PM Free Media Day / Play the All Star Course All participants are free to create media on site and to play the course. 
5:00 PM – 7:00 PM Banquet + Welcome Keynotes Hosted by DGPT CEO Jeff Spring, the conference will begin with a banquet accompanied by a multi-part part keynote focused on the industry’s growth featuring a panel discussion on Women’s disc golf
7:00 PM Reception Hosted on site at the resort. Social hour & drinks. 


Thursday, February 16th 

Time (MT) Event Description
7:00 AM – 8:00 AM Breakfast Provided to all attendees
8:00 AM – 8:30 AM Morning Keynote Growing DG with Collaboration & Sportsmanship – Pat Govang, Steve Dodge, Jeff Spring
9:05 AM – 10:25 AM Session 1 Options: Course Design, Regional Retail, & Entrepreneurship in Disc Golf
10:30 AM – 11:55 AM Session 2 Options: National Retail, DGPT Event Development & Operation, & Intellectual Property Law & Disc Golf
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM Lunch Provided to all attendees. 
1:05 – 2:30 PM Session 3 Options: E-Commerce in DG, DGPT Media, & Sustainability in Disc Golf
2:30 PM – 6:00 PM Industry Scramble!  Join us for a fun group competition. Registration required, registration information coming soon. 
6:00 PM – 7:00 PM Dinner Not provided
7:00 PM – 7:30 PM All-Star Press Conference Watch LIVE and in person as the 2023 DGPT All-Star teams talk a little trash ahead of All-Star weekend. 
7:30 PM – 8:30 PM Day 2 Keynote: Andrew Zimmern Join celebrity chef Andrew Zimmern to hear how he discovered a love for disc golf and his perspective on growth in the industry and media opportunities.
8:30 PM Reception w/ DGPT All-Stars Network and hang out with DGPT All-Stars! 


Friday, February 17th 

Time (MT) Event Description
8:00 AM – 9:25 Fundraiser Breakfast for Paul McBeth Foundation Hear from Paul about the Foundation’s work and upcoming projects! Join us in supporting philanthropic work in disc golf. (Registration required)
9:35 AM – 11:00 AM Session 4 Options: Disc Golf Social Media, Non-Profits in Disc Golf & Non-Endemic Equipment in Disc Golf
11:10 AM – 12:30 PM Closing Keynote Where we are, where we’re going, and how we grow together. 
12:30 PM All-Star Weekend Begins All participants will receive VIP passes for the weekend’s competition
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