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Hello and welcome to the Disc Golf Pro Tour’s (DGPT) media credential request portal. Here, you can learn about the media regulations in place at DGPT Events and request credentials for you or your team.


The DGPT’s Media Policy recognizes four distinct types of media credential holders and has a separate media credential request process for each one. 

  1. Editorial Entities (Media Outlets) / Community Organizations – news organizations and their employees, independent reporters, and disc-golf-specific journalists. Community organizations and municipal groups are grouped with editorial entities for the purposes of credential applications.
  2. Tour Partners – includes all organizations, other than those who qualify as a Media Outlet, which have entered into an agreement with the tour in which the organization has purchased an advertising or promotional package from the Tour or is otherwise signed to an official partnership.
  3. Commercial Media Entities – refers to any organization, distinct from Media Outlets and Tour Partners, whose main aim is promoting players, events, brands, or tours, largely through advertising products or services. This encompasses sponsors like disc makers, player management groups, equipment and apparel producers, makers of commemorative items and trophies, service providers, agencies, firms, non-profits, and all types of retailers, particularly those focused on selling goods and services to DGPT Events’ audience.
  4. Third Party Content Creators – refers to an individual or small-scale organization, distinct from Media Outlets, Tour Partners, or Commercial Media Entities, that manages a media account (such as a blog or YouTube channel) and produces disc golf-related content, though not in the same capacity or style as a Media Outlet.


  • Use the tabs at the top of this page to select which of the above-listed categories best represents you based on the definitions above, and follow the instructions there to request a credential. 
  • If you have questions or need assistance in determining which category you fall under, please reach out to

Welcome! We're glad you're coming to see us on Tour!

If you’re a journalist or reporter seeking credentials for a DGPT event or PDGA Pro Major, you’re in the right spot. 


If you have press badges that are issued by your station or associated outlet, you can simply present these at the event when you arrive, and they will give you basic access to the event. If you don’t have these credentials, you’ll need to request one using the instructions below.


If you don’t have a press badge issued by your station or outlet, all you’ll need to do to request a credential is fill out the short form available below. The DGPT typically approves press credentials within 24 hours of the initial request time.


The DGPT uses media vests to regulate access to capture media (photo, video, audio) on the course during competition. Your paper credential (badge) will allow you access to the event at the same level as a VIP spectator, but if you want to capture media inside the ropes (the space between the spectators and the competitors), you’ll need to obtain a vest.

If you’re using station / outlet credentials to enter the event, you’ll need to request a vest when you arrive. If you’ve been approved for a credential from the DGPT, we will reserve a vest for you. Vests will be available for pick up at the DGPT media trailer on-site. Vests must be returned at the end of the event, subject to a $100 replacement fee.


  • Pre-event (practice days, media days) – Your credentials will be available for pickup at the player check-in area.
  • During an event (competition days) – Your credentials will be available for pickup at the spectator check-in area.


The DGPT may issue specific parking guidance prior to the start of the event. If not, please make plans to park in the spectator parking area. 

Additional Press Resources

Below, you can find a set of additional resources for your reporting. If you need additional resources, please reach out to and we’re happy to assist with whatever we can.

DGPT LOGO PACKET – A complete set of DGPT and Disc Golf Network logo assets can be found here. Please note that these logos are only available for editorial purposes and cannot be used for commercial display purposes without a license from the Tour.

DGPT IMAGES – If you’d like access to DGPT photography albums to assist in your reporting, you can request copies of any images from the DGPT’s photography catalog (view images here). Images are only allowed to be used for editorial purposes and cannot be used for commercial display purposes without a license from the Tour. Please credit the DGPT and link back to wherever used. To request images for editorial use, please email

DISC GOLF GROWTH REPORT (2023) – Here you can find a report on the growth of the sport. This report comes from UDisc, the App for Disc Golfers and the #1 disc golf scoring system and course directory in the world. This is the 2023 report which focuses on 2022 data.

DISC GOLF PRO TOUR HISTORY – Here’s a brief overview of the DGPT’s history

IN DEPTH DISC GOLF REPORTING – If you’re just starting to cover the sport of disc golf and are looking for a reference point / in depth reporting on the Tour, check out Additional stories and updates from the Tour can be found here.

Welcome! Let's talk about commercial access...

Here, you can learn all about how to get access to DGPT events for the purpose of commercial media production. If you have any questions about this process, please reach out to your DGPT sales rep.

Media Access Credits: The Pathway To Commercial Media Production on the Disc Golf Pro Tour

Access to DGPT events for the purpose of capturing media for commercial display purposes is regulated via the allocation of Media Access Credits. Below is a brief explainer of media access credits in a Q&A format. Here’s a more in-depth explainer for further clarification as needed. 

Q: What are media access credits?
A: Media access credits are pre-approved credentials allowing DGPT Tour Partners or Commercial Media Entities to capture media at DGPT Events for the purposes of commercial display.

  • One Media Access Credit equates to up to three (3) media credentials for your team at any eligible event (all Tour events except European Open and USDGC).
  • A singular credit signifies a bundle of credentials that can be activated, but individual credentials within a credit do not roll over to other events. 

Q: Do media access credits cost money?
A: Yes, credits can either be included as part of a DGPT partnership agreement or purchased separately for those who are not DGPT partners.

Q: How do I confirm if I have media access credits included in my DGPT partnership?
A: First, take a look at your agreement documentation with the DGPT and look for a section on a Media Agreement for Commercial Entities. If your current agreement includes this section, it will also list how many credits you have. If you don’t have a signed agreement yet or you don’t see media access credits represented in your agreement, reach out to your DGPT sales rep to add this on. 

Q: I’m not a DGPT partner, but I want media access credits – how do I purchase one?
A:  Please reach out to our sales team and let them know that you’re interested in acquiring some credits. You can easily contact them via this form. 

Q: Who can use media access credits?
A: Entities with an official partnership or those who have purchased credits from the DGPT. Additionally, the presenting and title sponsor for each Tour Event is automatically granted a media access credit for that specific event. 

Q: How do I use (redeem) media access credits once I have acquired them?
A: There is a simple 4-step process for activating a credit and receiving media credentials.

  1. Confirm a signed DGPT Media Agreement for Commercial Entities is in place.
  2. Fill out a Media Access Credit Use Authorization Request (under 90 seconds).
  3. Sign the Media Access Credit Use Rider to finalize activation.
  4. Your team’s credential holders get added to the Tour’s official media list for the chosen event, and you’re good to go!

Ready To Redeem a Media Access Credit? Use The Form Below!

Coming Soon: The 2024 DGPT Content Creator Affiliate Program

Exciting News for Disc Golf Content Creators!

The Disc Golf Pro Tour (DGPT) is excited to confirm the upcoming launch of our 2024 Content Creator Affiliate Program. This program is designed to forge a dynamic partnership between the DGPT and the vibrant disc golf content creator community.

What is the Content Creator Affiliate Program?

The program will offer access to a wealth of official DGPT media, including content from the DGPT photo archives, Disc Golf Network (DGN), and JomezPro. It’s an exceptional opportunity for established content creators in the disc golf world – whether you’re on YouTube, host a podcast, run a blog, or post content on social media platforms.

What Can You Expect?

  • Licensed Media Access: Get your hands on licensed footage and images from the DGPT, perfect for creating engaging and high-quality disc golf content.
  • Monetization Opportunities: Leverage the power of your content with monetization options, including an affiliate marketing program.
  • Access to Media Credentials: Approved program participants will have the chance to apply for media credentials to upcoming DGPT events and select PDGA Pro Majors.

Applying for the Program

The 2024 Content Creator Affiliate Program is currently in development and a pilot program is available to interested applicants.

Please feel free to reach out to DGPT Communications Director, Charles McCracken, at for more information. We welcome your inquiries and look forward to telling you more about what the program entails.